fashionable apartments, here and abroad

I am a sucker for high fashion. And low fashion, for that matter–you won’t see me turn my nose up at a Forever21 black pleathered biker jacket. To that end, I always seem to find myself checking in with the beautiful and the creative, through any means available: I’ve subscribed to Vogue for six years, follow several fashion and travel blogs, and get updates sent to my inbox daily. These last ones are the most scurilious of the group–I will admit that I delete a larger portion than I read. But today I was stopped in my tracks during my morning coffee routine (6:00 am, just me, the couch, a large cup of coffee and an inbox of neglected emails…pure romance) by an email from Refinery29, with a story entitled “15 Things You’ll Find in EVERY Fashion Girl’s Apartment.”

Sadly, I don’t have any of these items in my apartment. On second thought, maybe not-so-sad, given that some of these hotly coveted objets des arts would cost a semester’s tuition. Still, it’s fun to dream…and the writer of this article made me laugh out loud. It made me think about the differential between what constitutes chic in Europe, and what we consider fashionable here. To my mind, these images have a very Parisian-influenced vibe. I could picture any of the fashionable young femmes I spoke with in various shops and cafes in the City of Lights walking home to one of these abodes at night. American girls? Not so much…I know that I sport a lot more color, and a lot less extravagance, in my spaces (really, who needs a cow hide rug? Who wants a cow hide rug?)

What do you think? Overkill, or just overtly glorious?

Photo credits Refinery29