Christmas in October

So I did end up getting cast in Christmas Carol! Which I am actually very excited about.  The only bad thing about getting cast in a mainstage show (the shows with the highest budgets, longest rehearsal periods, etc.) is that you are out of the running for pretty much every smaller show in the season.  At first I was a little sad…and then I realized, how lucky am I to be cast at all?  It can be easy to forget how insanely competitive the world of theatre is.  I don’t mean competitive in a show girls, “I’m gonna push that bitch down the stairs” kind of way.  I mean in a “holy cow there are a hundred girls at this school who could get cast in this part instead of me” kind of way.  Being cast in anything is such a joy, and that’s something I really want to inspire this year’s freshman with.  Even getting a callback is a huge accomplishment! It’s so important to remember how blessed we are to be here.  Theatre is not easy. Sometimes it really sucks.  So I am going to enjoy every little moment I can.

       Another major plus?  This means I get to start celebrating Christmas on October 8th. And I just happen to be an absolute Christmas fanatic. So it rocks.  Last year I brought about two hundred Christmas cookies to a matinee for the whole cast…that might be a repeat adventure this year.


Getting It!

Aw, the first week back at school. There has been so much craziness going on that it’s hard to even remember what all I’ve done in the past three weeks.  Craziness.  I got back to school early to help with sorority recruitment, so that took over my life for awhile.  At the same time, I was trying to prep for the first audition of the year (yikes).  These auditions aren’t your run of the mill, god-I-hope-I-get it affairs.  With your two minute time slot, you are auditioning for almost all of the shows of the fall semester.  That means if you screw up utterly, you’re basically done for an entire semester of casting. Scary stuff.  I picked my monologues earlier in the summer.  I decided to do a classical piece because of all of the Shakespeare work I’ve been doing, and chose the wonderful Queen Margaret’s monologue to Suffolk from Henry the VI part II, because it just gets me every time.  Not gonna lie, I really do love those pieces that kind of rip your heart out a bit.  It’s just amazing to connect with an emotion like that in an audition room.  When you really get it just right, it’s one of my favorite things about being an actor.  I also chose a piece from Celebration by Harold Pinter that is just plain fun to do. She’s just so oblivious and quirky, which is a kind of character I’m sometimes typed into.  I thought it would be good to show a wide spectrum of what I can do.  I actually memorized pretty early into the game, which is always a good idea! I need to do it more.  The last thing you want to do is be trying to dredge up words when you should be fully invested in the monologue!

The day of auditions, I found out that another friend was performing the same Shakespeare monologue as me.  I freaked out about it for awhile.  But then I realized…we are so completely different.  We will do it completely different ways.  Why be worried about comparisons?  I don’t think there really are comparisons in auditions, because everyone is creating their own little world in their monologue.  The same piece could come off in almost opposite directions, depending on who is performing it.  I went into the audition focused, with a clear head…and rocked it.  I’ll define that later.  Anyway, I got a callback for Christmas Carol, which was super fun–accents are my jam! I thought I did very well, and it turned out great: I found out today I’ll be playing Mrs. Dark, in Scrooge’s nephew’s party scene, come November 🙂  Life is good.  The only unfortunate thing about getting cast at school is that it puts you out of the running for many other shows that would be awesome to perform in as well, but I think that every casting happens for a reason.  I have two more wonderful years here, so I’m just gonna enjoy what I get cast in.  More callbacks should be posted this week…here’s hoping!