The First Post: A Long Day’s Journey Into Night

Sorry about the title. I just couldn’t resist.  BFA problems.

It’s always a strange thing, starting to write something new.  But I’ve had this idea for awhile now.  After bopping around on the blogs I find on Pinterest, I’ve bemoaned the fact that I want just ONE hub of performing, crafting, and lifestyle knowledge–with some delicious recipes thrown in.  And when I began thinking about it, my life seemed an ideal canvas for a sort of “catch-all” blog.  I’m involved and interested in so many things, but my main focus is the pursuit of this insane degree; a degree which, as I have been reminded countless times in the past few years, is deemed useless by a large portion of our contemporaries.  And I love it.  I love that I’m going to school for something that I have an immense passion for, as opposed to just settling so I have a stable job. (Stability, pshaw. Who needs a steady paycheck/health insurance/a home? eek….)  I love working my butt off for a six show (heck, even a one show) run of something, and being able to say, “yes, I put my life into that.  That was the best I could do.”  But it isn’t always easy.  In fact, sometimes it’s really, really hard, and I want to write about that too.  But today I’ll just say how excited I am to begin this little blog!  My adventures begin in the summer before my sophomore year of school…and who knows where they will lead?