My Plays

Spring 2013

Emotional Creature                                               Monologue: “The Wall”                  April 2013

Coming Soon!

Julius Caesar                                                          Popilius/Varro                                  January-February 2013

We are doing an all-female production of this Shakespearean classic.  The society is tribal, relying on the natural elements and the world around us to give us signs.  The balance of nature itself is upset by the battle for control.  I play a senator and a soldier, and should be having an amazing time.

Fall 2012

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress               Georganne                                        December 2012

I was asked by a friend to perform in her short directing scene, so I’m not sure if it counts…but I’m going to add it in because I love the role! I sometimes get typecast as the cute little girlie girl or innocent lover, and Georganne is kind of a bad ass.  I am all about it.  

A Christmas Carol                                                     Mrs Dark                                        November-December 2012

This will be my second time performing in Christmas Carol at the school, but in a different role.  I am excited to be in the Fred’s party scene, as it’s one of the longest, and you get to have a fun time with an amazing cast.  Last year I got to do an awesome Cornish accent thought…sad to say goodbye to that one.  Christmas Carol is kind of debilitating because we have about 14 performances or something crazy like that.  But I am so excited to start Christmas in October that I’ll just have to keep my excitement up!


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