About the Site

I’m Lauren, a BFA Acting Major at one of the most well regarded performing programs in the country.  While I love my major with all my heart, I’ll be the first to admit: this path is not always a Shakespeare-laden picnic.  But I wouldn’t trade the insanity for all the world! It’s hard to even think about free time during the school year–rehearsals plus conservatory program plus English minor make for a busy life–I love using my spare moments to write.  And that’s where this site comes into play.  I’ve grown used to blogs in which one topic is covered strictly, with a few mentions about everyday life here and there.  But this blog, my friends…this blog will have it all.  I’m going to give you a “play-by-play on the day to day life of a BFA Acting major.  More specifically, a 5’4”, healthy living motivated, girlie-girl, sorority sister one.  Some of the content will probably be irrelevant to the non-BFAs out there; but I promise that I will focus mostly around what it’s like to try and combine it all: college life, plus an intense, conservatory style training program.  Let’s just see what madness shall ensue.

The name BFAbulous comes from, obviously, my major: Bachelor of Fine Arts, or BFA.  I find BFAbulous a worthy axiom to live by: in this career choice, you believe in yourself, or you drop out.  That doesn’t mean thinking I’m the most amazing actor out there (believe me, I sure don’t).  It means that I’m constantly trying to live up to the best performer I can be, and constantly maintaining a higher standard of excellence for myself.  And the 15 is the year I graduate–only three years away! So much to learn! So much to do!  But all the world is a stage.


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