Sugar Rush



I have a very serious problem. And that problem is my sweet tooth.  I have developed huge reserves of willpower during a long and arduous weight loss journey (try five years and 90 pounds!), but all of that seems to crumble to the ground when I’m faced with something ooey, gooey, and oh so sweet. Especially lately.

Salt? I can do without it. I haven’t had a real potato chip in about a year.  Fried food? Despite the occasional French fry indulgence, I’m not about it.  But sugar? Ah, sugar.  I find myself craving it all the time.  Like, constantly.  These past two weeks have been absolutely riddled with the stuff.  In an average day, I’d wake up and have a few chocolate chips out of the open bag in my pantry I just can’t get rid of.  When I got back from class, I’d sneak a few redvines out of the HUGE bag my mom sent me (those things are my kryptonite).  Then after dinner, it would be one piece of Godiva dark chocolate from my Valentine’s set.  And then at rehearsal, whatever sweet treats the cast brought (cookies, brownies…you can’t get a group of thirty women together and not expect them to bake).  And, to put the sugar-coated cherry on top, Liz and I started eating marshmallows to help our sore throats.  And they did.  But five of them each night? Yea, might have been overkill.

Basically, I need to stop it with the sugar thing.  And it’s so hard, because all of this delicious sugar stuff is RIGHT THERE! Sitting in my pantry, lounging on the dessert table in the caf, proffered by a loving friend.  It’s ridiculous! My body needs real nutrients, especially when I’m as sick as I am right now (horrible coughing.  Be glad you’re not in classes with me. It sucks.)  So, for the next three days, I am going on a complete sugar detox.  I’m not talking about the sugar found inherently in most food–I need to have fruit and juice right now!–but all those extra yummy little goodies that have been helping my emotional release? They gotta go.

I’ll let you know how this one turns out.