cosy by the fire

cosy by the fire


Falling for Skinnies

Falling for Skinnies

J Crew sweater

J Crew top

J Crew j crew shirt

J Crew flat

J Crew handbag

J Crew necklace

I am absolutely in love with all of the new skinny collections I’ve seen. I cannot wait to stock my closet with chinos and chords in deep, rich colors, and I’m especially interested in the new “coated jegging” trend.  Will I look classy? Or like a Hell’s Angel?  I guess I won’t know until I try! Also a huge fan of the lovely sweaters and long sleeved tops from J. Crew…but will be looking for similar styles at a college girl price tag. Hey, it’s good to dream!

Late Summer Afternoons

Final Days

Equipment white eyelet shirt

J Crew j crew mini skirt

Pull&Bear heeles shoes
$63 –

I spend most of my school days wearing the acting uniform of black active wear, so the only time I really get to show my style is the afternoons.  This week, I’ve really been glorifying in these last, super hot dog-days of summer by wearing cute short and tank combos, always with some wedges.  Hey, you only get summer for so long…I’m dreaming of an afternoon spent on the quad with a magazine, wearing one of these cute ensembles while sipping a passion tea lemonade.
Fall will be here before you know it; I’m going to soak up a little more sun while I may.



lip service

lip service

Revlon long wearing lipstick $24 –


Smashbox lip shine

Clinique lip care

Whenever feel like giving myself a little luxury, I always head to the lipstick or nail polish sections.  This summer I have loved playing around with bright lipsticks! They’re an awesome way to quickly class up any look, since they pull everything together.  If I’m running late in the morning, I throw my hair up in a sweet bun, line my eyes and add a little mascara, and swipe on a pop of color. Poof! Suddenly I’m a fashion maven.  Favorite shades for the summer are a fuschia berry or an orange red, but I’m excited to play with deeper plums and crimsons come fall.
1.  Revlon Ultimate Suede Colorstay: This color glides on silky smooth, and stays bright all day! Love the deepness of the colors coupled with a light feel. My Shade: Couture
2. Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain: This stuff provides a lot of color bang for your buck.  It glides on like lip gloss and provides conditioning, but doesn’t come off sheer like some buttery lipsticks. My Shade: Smitten
3. Clinique Chubby Stick: confession…I’ve only stolen my friend’s version of this, but I love it! The softest lip stick you’ll ever try, with a nice light color. My Shade: Mightiest Maraschino
4. Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss: I swear by this stuff.  It provides rich color with a ton of gloss, giving a very Hollywood look. The gloss stays strong through a day of coffee sips and water bottles. My Shade: Afterglow
5. Tarte LipSurgence Lip Tint: THAT PINK! I’ve never tried this, but my friend Katie swears by Tarte.  I’d try anything to get that color. Anything that pink deserves to be worn. My Shade: Amused

A Pair for all seasons

A Pair for all seasons

Kate spade

Kate spade

Kate spade

Kate Spade pearl jewelry

Kate spade

Kate spade

Kate spade

Kate spade

Getting a summer job paycheck after a year of going to college is a very, very beautiful thing.  But it can also prove disastrous.  Suddenly, you have MONEY.  While you don’t actually need that cute little fedora hat at Target…you could totally afford it.  See what I mean? Slippery slope.
This especially comes in to play with sales items.  Whenever I see a sale sign, the sensible part of my brain switches off, and the part that says “Oh! Good deal!” turns on.  Even though it might be $180, if it’s on sale, I might consider it.
All of this being said, I am a very frugal person, and usually don’t buy anything unless I feel that I really, strongly need it. Which usually ends in me rushing out shopping the day before it is absolutely essential that I have an item. Obviously my philosophy works well.  All of that frugality was swept out of my head when I saw the jewelry on sale at the Kate Spade website.  Those earrings! How could I say no to all those beautiful, perfect little pairs of earrings?
I’m an earring junky, and these are not good for my habit.  All of the pairs above will go with any outfit, and instantly make it more fun.  I would love to have any pair of them…but I have to admit, I’m especially fond of those pearls hanging from bows and the fuschia, orange, and coral studs.  Will I be buying a pair for myself soon? Alas, even at excellent sale prices…probably not.  But will they be going on my birthday/Christmas wish lists?  Bet your bottom dollar.

Tony Awards Watch Party

Tony Awards Watch Party

It has been quite the day.  After visiting Urgent Care to get my foot checked out (diagnosis: probably not a stress fracture; no running for two weeks. So I’m mostly relieved, still a little sad…I will become a stationary bike riding queen in the next fourteen days, you can count on that), I was ready to come home, curl up, and just relax.  And work on my novel.  And read a play. Sigh.

But I am taking a little moment to write up my dream Tony party!  I watched with two of my best friends last night, and had an amazing time.  Someday, however, I’d like to have a dream Tony night big blowout bash! When we’re all rich and famous.  Or, you know, attend the Tonys.  That’d be cool too.

*Obligatory Note of My Thoughts on the Winners: I was SO excited for Patina Miller and Billy Porter.  Those kids are phenomenal, and work so hard! Loved that there were a ton of women directors winning.  I thought for sure Matilda was going to win, but was pleasantly surprised by Kinky Boots. Definitely the little show that could.  The fact that a Broadway regular (Tracy Letts) beat out Tom Hanks for the Best Actor made me swell up with pride, but Tom is a phenomenal guy.  Loved him.  Vanya and Sonya and Masha and Spike winning made me…kinda happy?  I don’t know enough about it to be totally jazzed. If it’s Durang, I’d probably like it.

Now back to the party program.

pretty and polished

pretty and polished
Nail polish is one of my favorite ways to brighten up my wardrobe.  Essie has come out with some gorgeous shades in their Spring 2013 collection, and I couldn’t resist sharing some of my favorite pinks! Coupled with a pair of sandals, they’re the perfect accessory.  Here are a few of my drool-worthy, dream-closet Kate Spade picks.  Just the thing to brighten up the beginning of the work week!

Great Gatsby Style

Great Gatsby Style
For a little escape after a long work day and sad day of news, I decided to create a style board inspired by The Great Gatsby film.  I was in love with all of the sumptuous 1920’s fashion, and intrigued by how Catherine Martin, the film’s costume designer, created her designs and concept–especially with hundreds of extras filling the scenes!  These are some of my favorite random shoot to the moon pics; meaning they’re probably really expensive.  I’ll be excited when more affordable flapper fashion hits the racks! In the meantime, be sure to check out ASOS for cheaper flapper dresses and accessories.  Forever 21 also has some solid Art Deco jewelry selections.

Relaxing at Home

Relaxing at home
I am officially back at home up north!  I’ll admit, it’s a little bit strange to get back in the groove of being in my parent’s house after a year of college.  But the fact that I get to relax and not worry about school work for four days? Perfection.  Here’s what I’m dreaming of wearing this week.