So Much to Be Thankful For…some girl(s) 2013

Wow. I have closed and opened the play I’ve been working on for a month, Neil Labute’s Some Girl(s), in the span of a week.

Time truly flies in the college theatre world.

I don’t think I’ll ever really be able to express how much this show has impacted my life. It did nothing less than remind me why I love this crazy, stressful, often debilitating, but essentially beautiful business. I was blessed with a phenomenal director who listened to me and encouraged me, and a cast of four incredible actors. More important than those artistic accolades is the distinction that they are just really, really incredible people, who have constantly lifted me up during a rather difficult time in my life.


My entire family came to see this show, all the way from up north. It was my first “main” role at school in a large play, so their presence meant the world to me. The Boyfriend and his family also made the trip…really, could I be more lucky?


And now, we’re on to the next adventure. It is going to be so strange living outside of the Some Girl(s) world. I’m in the don’t cry because it’s over smile because it happened mode at the moment. The universe has been very, very good to me.

Hope you are all having a great start to your November as well!


A Weekly Reminder

This can become easy to forget in the daily craziness that is college life. Sometimes I feel like I’m being stretched in a million ways, and failing at most of them. But then I take a moment to look at the little successes: running a quicker mile time; getting an A on a paper; finishing my homework in time to read a little.  And I realize: I am doing enough. And what I am doing is pretty darn good.


I am writing you from the bowels of tech week, also known as “hell week” to some pessimistic performers.  Though I’m actually starting to feel the inferno aspect of it, to tell the truth.  I have a HUGE Chekhov midterm due Thursday, algebra due tomorrow, assorted other monologues and songs to be preparing…and rehearsal from 6-12 every night. Oof.

This show is very exhausting, since we are running around fighting and dancing and being generally tribal for two and a half hours.  But as much as I’d love to just fall into bed and never get up…there’s work to be done!

I’ll give you updates on opening night coming soon, and what else this crazy week has thrown at me!

Five Things

It’s been an insane weekend, as my family came to visit and see the show.  It was wonderful having them down here all the way from up North, and I feel so lucky I have people willing to come watch the shows I’m in.  After all, it’s not like I am playing the lead in Christmas Carol, and they are still willing to make a 15 hour drive to see it! Very special.

My five things is a little late this week, but I haven’t had time between all the matinees and family outings! So here it is, the five things I’m most excited for in the coming week.

1) My bed.  This is so un-college-student-y, I know, but I am so excited to catch up on my sleep a tiny bit! Possibly.  Maybe.  We’ve been rehearsing to 11, with another rehearsal after that for a directing scene I’m participating in, so the sleep level has been pretty much nil.  We shall see how this week goes, since the amount of homework I have is slightly insane…but I’m looking forward to it!

2) Three nights off! To do homework. Sigh.  Though we all attempt to get stuff done at Christmas Carol, the truth is is that it is very nearly impossible.  So I will be using this Monday through Wednesday to complete the two HUGE projects I have due, while catching up on a myriad of other little projects.  Sigh.  At least I will be getting it done!

3) 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family.  I will be spending today (Sunday) doing homework…with a matinee situated firmly in the middle of my day.  While I’m plugging away at my papers and projects (hey, I just finished a whole paper and it’s only 11 am! Go me!), I will be tuning into ABC Family’s marathon of Christmas shows and commercials, and getting my daily dose of holiday cheer.  I’m probably gonna be OD’d by the time Christmas Carol is over, but I was born to celebrate the holidays!

4) Getting together Christmas presents.  I absolutely LOVE giving gifts! I put a lot of time and thought into them, and watching people unwrap what I’ve thought up is one of my absolute favorite things in the world.  I am making a lot of my gifts this year, because Pinterest has been extra kind in the way of crafting and baking…and because I’m a poor college student.  My sorority family is going to be first on the list since I’ll be leaving next Thursday (!) to go home!

5) More Christmas Carol! We have shows on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and I can’t wait.  I love wearing my beautiful costume, and performing in a very fun scene with some wonderful performers! I’ll be sad when it’s over…though then I’ll get to look forward to one month of blissful break.

Me and my lovely sorority family.  Such wonderful girls! So happy to have them at the show!

Back in Action


Just in case you needed a little extra cute in your day, I added a birthday puppy. Love it.  Anyway, now that my wonderful birthday weekend is over I am back in action.  Which is to say, insanely busy and a little bit stressed about getting it all done!  The weekend was perfection.  I am so lucky to have such a wonderful boyfriend and awesome friends! Unfortunately, that little bit of relaxation and laziness means that I am swamped with stuff to do this week.  Here is my short list:

What Lauren Must Do to Survive This Week

1. Figure out which classes I will be taking next semester (just finished this.  It’s gonna be 18 hours of awesomeness.)

2. Find a book of arias for voice.

3. Practice totally different aria for masterclass on Friday.

4. Do a TON of stage management homework.  I mean…it defies description.  And hope to God that I can get my backup disk from my broken computer to upload onto my borrowed laptop. Sigh.

5. Find monologues.  I thought I had, but then realized mine don’t contrast enough. Grrrrrr.

6. Figure out how to do my presentation for History of Theatre. Literally haven’t thought about it.

7. Do my History of Theatre exam.  Also have not thought about it.

8. More stage management.

9. See Angels in America.

10. Do rehearsals.

11. Do sorority events. Figure out which office I want to run for.

12. Figure out Halloween costumes!

Um. That’s it for now.  For some reason mapping it all out makes me less stressed so that’s nice.