National Food Flags

I saw this on Facebook and had to share. For any foodies, this post is absolutely gorgeous…and mouth watering. Advertising agency WHYBIN/TBWA created flags from 18 different countries formed out of the country’s most recognized foods. The flags were created as a promotion for the Sydney International Food Festival, but I think these prints would hang beautifully in any kitchen.

Italy, with it’s beautiful piles of fresh basil, pasta, and tomatoes, quickly won my heart. I’m also particularly fond of Great Britain’s scones, cream and jam. Not only because I’m an anglophile, but come on: that looks delicious.


Italy…pasta marinara, anyone?


Great Britain…of course it’s tea and crumpets. 


And Brazil! Give me fresh fruit any day.


12 Great Writers…and Their Favorite Snacks.


Found this on the Kitchn, one of my favorite blogs, and just had to repost.  This is comedic manna for any foodies/literature nuts. Right now I’m siding with Proust or Dickinson…nothing beats coffee, except, perhaps, homemade bread.

This also got me wondering…what will people recall as my favorite snack, should I happen to write the next Great American Novel (cue audience laughter)?  Hopefully they’ll go with something respectable, but a little quirky…like my occasional light whole grain English muffin with melted light mozzarella cheese.  More likely, they’ll just draw a  handful of the semi sweet chocolate chips I find myself grabbing out of the baking cabinet at embarrassingly frequent intervals.