So Much to Be Thankful For…some girl(s) 2013

Wow. I have closed and opened the play I’ve been working on for a month, Neil Labute’s Some Girl(s), in the span of a week.

Time truly flies in the college theatre world.

I don’t think I’ll ever really be able to express how much this show has impacted my life. It did nothing less than remind me why I love this crazy, stressful, often debilitating, but essentially beautiful business. I was blessed with a phenomenal director who listened to me and encouraged me, and a cast of four incredible actors. More important than those artistic accolades is the distinction that they are just really, really incredible people, who have constantly lifted me up during a rather difficult time in my life.


My entire family came to see this show, all the way from up north. It was my first “main” role at school in a large play, so their presence meant the world to me. The Boyfriend and his family also made the trip…really, could I be more lucky?


And now, we’re on to the next adventure. It is going to be so strange living outside of the Some Girl(s) world. I’m in the don’t cry because it’s over smile because it happened mode at the moment. The universe has been very, very good to me.

Hope you are all having a great start to your November as well!


My Running Ideas

So, I had a different post planned out for today.  I was going to post the recipe and pics of my recent escapade making Lemon Eton Mess, which is a delicious lemon curd dessert that has to be seen to be believed.  I was planning on posting it last night, but then a nasty storm knocked our power out for a four hours.  And despite my best intentions, today has gotten away from me.  So, here’s the game plan: I will post a little about my running plan currently, and give you all time to imagine how amazing this recipe is going to be, before posting it tomorrow.

Get excited.

Now, going in a different direction: My Running Plan.  Gotta love a blog where I bounce from dessert to race training in one post, right?  Anyway, I’ve started running distances in order to train for a race…somewhere in the future.  I have not actually signed up for anything yet, but just the distant idea of a race gets me pumped and working towards a goal.  I love that!  So here’s my first Idea:

Running Idea 1: Set a Goal! 

Every time you’re thinking about taking a day (or two, or three, or eighteen) off training, remember that you’re doing this for a reason.  And, with that train of thought…

Running Idea 2: Why are you doing it?


I love a good workout.  And I realize how important it is to my day.  But that being said, if I don’t like it, I’m not doing it. For example, jumping rope for thirty minutes.  It may be good for you.  It may sometimes be fun.  But I don’t like it.  Why would I choose to suffer through that, when I could be doing something I enjoy?  Even though I have days where I’d rather keep watching Say Yes to the Dress than lace up my jogging shoes, I still put them on and get out the door.  Because I know that once I hit my stride and get going on that first mile, I’ll feel stress melt away and begin to think I’m a work out goddess…at least for a few minutes.

Running Idea 3: Dance to the music

I think there’s a lot of debate about this in running circles, but for me, nothing beats a good song when I need to find the motivation to climb up a huge hill.  My biggest hints for this are wear ear beads you don’t have to fiddle with, and pick songs you won’t be skipping every three seconds.  You don’t want to be distracted away from your run by a music machine; it’s there to help you, not hinder you.  I listen to Imagine Dragons Pandora, which plays all kinds of great stuff! There’s nothing better than the perfect song coming on at the most ideal moment, and syncing up your stride with it.  I definitely move with the music, and as a creative person, I think it adds a whole new aspect to my run.

Running Idea 4: Follow the road untaken

Running around one well known area gets boring, and it lessens the challenge.  Once your body gets used to a run, it gets harder to reap the benefits.  I like to change up my running trail.  In the past two weeks I’ve followed different routes through my neighborhood, running loops and streets I’ve never seen before.  It’s awesome to find new areas that are cute or cool.  I also went for a few runs after work in a completely different area, and these provided a lot of new things to look at and new elevations–definitely important if you’re getting used to training on different types of ground for races.  Note: I live in the safest town in the world, so this might not be a viable option for all people.  Stay alert, guys!

Running Idea 5: Set your own pace

I’ve been reading a lot of the running magazines lately and worrying about setting up a plan.  And then I realized, this is something I’m doing because it’s 1) good for me and 2) fun!  I don’t need to plan it out like every other aspect of my life, into the far-reaching months ahead.  My plan right now is just scheduling out the week.  For example, here was this week’s plan:

Monday: Run 2.5 miles at a good solid pace (for me, that’s between 9:30 and 10:10 minute miles)

Tuesday: Hot yoga flow, a pretty intense class focusing on strength

Wednesday: Run 3 miles at a solid pace

Thursday: Run 3 miles, relaxed tempo (maybe between 10:30 minute miles and 11)

Friday: Hot yoga core flow, a very intense class dedicated to toning core muscle groups

Saturday: Four mile distance run, at whatever speed I can do

Sunday: A short 2 mile easy run, and possibly slow flow relaxation yoga in the evening if I’m not too sore.

I’ll probably be switching between running and yoga on my 7th day, after a valiant and unsuccessful attempt at going hard core in both in one day last week (I don’t think I’ve ever been that sore.  It’s a miracle I rose from my bed).

At first I felt nervous that I wasn’t running every single day.  What about calorie burning?  What if I lose my pace? What will happen??? Here’s a hint: nothing will happen.  I’m not being graded.  No one’s watching.  Most of my family think I’m a little crazy for running when it’s this hot and humid out anyway.  I’m going to move at my own speed, and have fun doing it.  I’m already loving how much stronger and happier I feel!