Dreaming of a Winter Wonderland

I’ll admit it: for me, we have officially reached the holiday season. I held out for as long as I could. I, too, scoffed at the sinfully arrival of Santas and snowmen to the store shelves. I denied myself the pleasure of Peppermint park and holiday cocoa.

But I simply cannot hold out any longer.

This morning, I decorated my room for the holidays, complete with garlands, snowglobes, and, of course, Christmas lights hung over the window. I listened to my Josh Groban holiday Pandora station as I drove cross town all morning.

And this evening, I will spend some time organizing my Holiday Bucket List.

Yes, the holiday season has officially arrived in Lauren’s heart, Are you all managing to hold out any longer?

Here’s a little piece of gorgeous inspiration for my decorating style. I can’t wait for snow and home!



Back On Campus!

Hello everyone! These past few weeks have been full of happy tears and sad tears and lots of moving boxes and suitcases.  I have been spending my time hanging with my boyfriend and friends at home, packing up my life, and prepping to head back to school…where I now sit in my gorgeous apartment!

Yes, friends, I have officially moved in to my beautiful little studio paradise.  Actually, not quite so little. No one can believe that this is a dorm when I show them the pics.  Here’s a quick update on how cute my new home is! I’ll post some apartment DIY ideas later this week…after I finish settling in. And doing recruitment. And auditioning. Oi, vey. Life never slows down…and that’s a good way to be.

Bedroom. Love my string light headboard! You got to miss the half hour of moving those things around to the perfect position.  Count yourself lucky; my mother might never speak to me again.

The living room! Love my bookshelves.  It doesn’t feel like a “Lauren Room” until the books outnumber any other item.

The kitchen–possibly what I was most excited for. This is why I moved into an apartment.  I can’t wait to get cooking! So far I’ve made soup, oatmeal, and scrambled eggs. Really moving up in the world y’all.

The bathroom! Weird that I’m posting this I suppose, but that shower curtain! The hutch! Too adorable not to post.

Sorry they’re a little blurry, but I think you can get a taste of my aesthetic from these pics.  Can’t wait to share more of my ideas with you!

Fourth of July, Four Outings: Rooftop with a View

Here’s the second part of my four ideas for amazing ways to spend the Fourth! While a homey Fourth of July is nice, it would be fun to have a chic holiday, watching the fireworks from atop a rooftop in the city.  This would assume that you have both a rooftop and a group of friends ready for a sparkly, sophisticated party.

The Place:

Any rooftop should do! Apartment building patio, restaurant garden, or hotel  deck–decorate with some gorgeous string lights and pretty plants, add some sparklers and you’re good to go.  Special note: the particular rooftop should have a view of some local fireworks.  I  would personally choose a spot downtown, overlooking our lake…it wouldn’t matter how high it was.  Fireworks will be lighting up the night sky!

Rooftop party anyone? #livelifecomfortably

How gorgeous is this? Bonus points if you get red, white and blue Adirondacks.

The Menu:

Firecracker grilled salmon, asparagus with parmesan and olive oil, steamed green beans with lemon-mint dressing, and a frozen lemon soufflé.

Firecracker Grilled Salmon | MyRecipes.com

Spicy and sweet–perfect for some sparkly skies.

Asparagus w/olive oil, sea salt & parmesan cheese

Steamed Green Beans with Lemon-Mint Dressing Recipe

Frozen Lemon Souffle

Add some blueberries for a lovely red, white and blue tribute.

The Outfit:

Foley Dress - Lilly Pulitzer

This dress is so BLUE! I am usually more of a pink girl…but my gosh, it’s cute.

Xhilaration® Juniors Mesh Detail Lace Fit & Flare Dress - Assorted Colors

If you love Lilly Pulitzer but don’t quite have the Lilly budget, here’s a cute alternative from Target! I own this one and it fits like a dream.

The Decorations

9' Formula One Red Umbrella

Red Harlow Americana Throw Pillow

Turquoise Paper 10 Bulb String Lights

All found at World Market.

Dream Apartment

Dream Apartment
As you might have guessed by the title, I officially got my lovely, single studio apartment for next year! The housing draft (the process by which my school has us choose housing) was absolute torture, but it all worked out for the best. Quick overview of that process: rising seniors have number 1-400, rising juniors 400-700, and rising sophomores 700-1000.  You draw for a number randomly in your class (I was number 503), and then go up to a room in groups of 50 to choose what you want.  While you wait, you sit in the gym, where they blast hip hop at ridiculous decibels.  I was lucky–I only had to wait for two hours. Last year it apparently took seven.
Anyway, I am a VERY happy girl–got pretty much exactly the room I wanted! I can’t wait to move in.  This is just a little post of how I would furnish my room…if I had unlimited money and resources.  I might look into buying a few of those decorations, though, because really, how could I not? Adorable.