Top Ten Ways to Relax and Reset

After dating the Boyfriend (aka Navy Boy) for a year, I have come to realize that there are two kinds of people in the world: those who can relax, and those who can’t.  He rests comfortably in the former.  I languish in the latter.

Exhibit A: A Hypothetical Situation.  The Boyfriend and I both decide to have a chill day sitting in the living room reading.  We have no due dates, no assignments, nowhere to be…the perfect moment to take a deep breath and recharge our batteries.  

His day looks like this: sit and read for two hours.  Break for food. Sit and read some more.

Mine looks like this: sit and read for half an hour. Remember how messy the bedroom is.  Clean bedroom.  Read a little more. Fidget. Remember that scholarship due in August.  Is it really due in August? Go look up due date. It’s due in August. Return to couch. Remember I was going to bake cookies. Bake cookies. Get frustrated with how long cookies are taking. Return to couch. Read a little more. Think about all of the other things I could be doing. Initiate feelings of guilt and remorse for “wasting” the day.


And so on. Yikes.  I have gotten into the horrible habit of not being able to relax.  As in, I do not know how to do it. So this afternoon into evening, I’m going to attempt it.  A complete night of doing nothing but relaxing. After I clean my room, that is.  Here is a top ten list of ways that I like to relax:

1. Bubble baths. That comes as no surprise.

2. Painting my nails.

3. Reading.

4. Watching a great movie that I won’t get distracted from.

5. Taking a walk while listening to good music.

6. Baking or cooking.

7. Assembling collages from magazines of pictures and fashion that inspire me.

8. Writing stories or poetry.

9. Playing the piano.

10. Napping. Oh, how I love napping.

Anyone else have this issue? Tips to combat the constant need to be “doing something?”