What My Coffee Addiction Says About Me

ImageOkay, so “addiction” is probably too strong a word. I don’t know if I can call my usual two cups a day compulsory, at this point. But the truth remains: I am a coffee lover.  My go-to cup is dark, dark roast (Sumatra from Starbucks is my usual) with vanilla creamer at home. But when I go to the coffee shop, my tastes are constantly evolving.

I love this article from Levo League about what your typical drink says about you! I think I’ve moved through most of these options.  When I first started Starbucksing, around 7th grade, frappucinos were the only way to go (God, when I think back to all of those venti java chip fraps I consumed…oof. Good thing I had something resembling a metabolism.)  Then, as I transitioned into a more demanding high school career, white chocolate mochas provided my sweet fix with a little extra coffee jolt. And then I began my healthy revolution. This curbed my sweet coffee addiction a little bit; I transitioned into the world of the skinny and sugar-free lattes, where I still return from time to time (I’m so, so excited for my first Cinnamon Dolce latte of the fall!)

This summer, I’ve gone even more purist: in the blazingly hot days of running from work to workouts, my little energy jolt was usually an iced coffee with a bit of skim milk and a touch of Splenda. Sweet without the calories, and an energy jolt to boot! 

Of the profiles listed on Levo League, I think the vanilla latte description fits me best:


Skinny Vanilla Latte: You’re classic, but you like to have fun. You know what you like, and you’ve been drinking it for years. Sure, you’ll try out the season’s “must-wear” fashions, but you’ll mix them sparingly with your tried-and-true investment pieces. If it’s not broken, why fix it? Building and maintaining personal relationships is one of your strengths, so it was a no-brainer for you to manage your company’s external communications.

What does your drink say about you?


The Worrier’s Guide to Relaxation

I came to a startling realization this summer: I have forgotten how to relax.  At some point in the last three years, I have gone from someone who could sit for hours enjoying a good book and a cup of coffee, to a girl who gets anxious if I sit down for more than half an hour.  I’m conflicted about this personality trait. On the one hand, worriers get stuff done.  Very rarely do I panic about something that’s due tomorrow, because I’ve been working like a crazy person to get it done, and done well, for the past week. But on the other hand, I tend to work myself to the bone for something, and after I’ve accomplished it, thought to myself: “now, why did I freak out about that? That wasn’t bad at all.” Nothing like awesome hindsight skills. This semester has begun in an interesting way, and I’m already feeling a little out of sorts.  My past two years at school, I feel like I’ve known where I’m going and what the next goal is. Now that I’m beginning to steer a little more towards the English minor side of my degree, I’m beginning to feel a little bit out-to-sea.  How important is getting cast/called back? How important is it to be writing at least an hour a day?  How important is it to remain calm, cool and collected during the craziness? And, possibly the most problematic of all, how do I keep myself from sinking under the weight of all these questions? So I am making a commitment to becoming a better relaxer (I think that sentence says a lot about my personality: I can’t just relax. I have to COMMIT to it. Oi vey, y’all).  I’ve been brainstorming some ways to get my mind and body into that comfort zone…but I would love some suggestions! This is going to be a bit of an uphill battle for my little worry-wart self…good thing I love a challenge.

ways to relax

On My Want List: Kate Spade Flats

ImageI am obsessed with the new Kate Spade New York styles that have been popping up on all my favorite fashion blogs.  The clothing and desk accessories are to die for, but what have been really catching my eye are the shoes.  My God, the shoes! I am the kind of girl who finds a style she loves and proceeds to wear it till the soles fall off, so non-committed applicants need not apply.  The Kate Spade flats are all gorgeous, but they also have a reputation of withstanding harsh New York city treatment by the young fashion trendsetters who wear them.  I’ve put some of those dreamy activities above, but for me, these flats would be perfect crossing-campus wear…now if only I can find the perfect pair to match my acting uniform of all black…

Note: I have a college student budget, so I will not be sporting any of these anytime soon.  Look forward to a more affordable flats post later! But hey, a girl can dream, right?