We had to list goals for the semester last night at my sorority house, and I thought I might list mine here.  A double reminder, of sorts.

Lauren’s Awesome Goal List for Fall 2012!

1. No Panic Attacks!

Already broke this one a little.  Basically, I just really want to work on my anxiety, cause that crap has no place in my life.  Everything works out in the end, and I am going to get much better at taking stuff one day at a time. I promise.

2. Healthy Mind, Body, and Soul 🙂

Basically, I’m going to work out and eat healthier than ever before so I don’t feel like crap. But this also means taking what I love about myself to heart, and really appreciating what my body can do!  This is a difficult one for all girls my age, especially in such a looks-focused industry, but I am really going to work on it.  See my “Fitness and Recipes” page for help with this one!

3. Get Out There

With rehearsals, school, and everything else in my crazy life, it can be so easy to succumb to the temptation to just sit around and be bored when I have a free moment.  But not this year.  I am going to take care of myself, but I am also going to go out and have experiences and meet people and try new things.  I want to grow, damn it!

4. Budget and Get Crafty

No longer will I be spending $50 on sushi I don’t even like.  I am just going to work on wisely spending my money and living on a budget while still living.  This means getting crafty in my gift giving, which is actually kind of exciting.

5. Love.

Ah, my favorite word in the whole English language.  This year I am going to love harder than ever before. I am going to let the most important people in my life know that I appreciate them, and I am not going to waste time disliking people that have traits I can’t change.  I’m not going to let myself get walked all over anymore, but I will do it in a loving, always graceful way. And it will be great.

There you have it! I think with a little support and will power, I can accomplish these.  Might have to post them on my wall somewhere.  I refuse to sink into the Sophomore Slump!! It is going to be the best semester yet!