Boots Made for Walking

Over the past few years of boot-wearing, I think I’ve tried most of the trends out there. Black weathered suede that collapsed around my ankles? Loved ’em. Uggs? As a Wisconsin girl, I think I’ve owned them in every style and color they’ve got (and let it be known: I stand by the comfort of those boots. Who cares if they’re ugly? I’ll take warm feet over guy’s approval any day.) My new personal favorites are low-heeled, slouchy leather; I have a pair from DSW that steered me through last winter and will, I hope, stay alive through the fall.

But as we’ve moved into the fall season, I have felt an unfamiliar situation developing in my heart: the need for not one, but TWO pairs of new boots. What is this feeling? Having been previously satisfied with one purchase, I’m finding it difficult to justify this new sartorial obsession.  But I can’t help it: my heart is being pulled in two directions, and I must follow both. Eventually.  In the meantime, my eye is continuously peeled for low price options in both my new style favorites!

Women's Mossimo Supply Co. Kessi Crochet Boot - Taupe

These are from Target, and I’ve wanted them for months! Just haven’t managed to take the plunge yet…I wish they were for sale in stores. Added shipping really puts a damper on my online shopping fun.

How pretty are these riding boots from Dillard’s?  I love the shiny leather and the worn look. Can picture myself rushing across the quad, my infinity scarf gently wafting in the breeze, a cup of Starbucks in my hand. These go with just about every sweater/skinny jean combo I have in my head.



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