What My Coffee Addiction Says About Me

ImageOkay, so “addiction” is probably too strong a word. I don’t know if I can call my usual two cups a day compulsory, at this point. But the truth remains: I am a coffee lover.  My go-to cup is dark, dark roast (Sumatra from Starbucks is my usual) with vanilla creamer at home. But when I go to the coffee shop, my tastes are constantly evolving.

I love this article from Levo League about what your typical drink says about you! I think I’ve moved through most of these options.  When I first started Starbucksing, around 7th grade, frappucinos were the only way to go (God, when I think back to all of those venti java chip fraps I consumed…oof. Good thing I had something resembling a metabolism.)  Then, as I transitioned into a more demanding high school career, white chocolate mochas provided my sweet fix with a little extra coffee jolt. And then I began my healthy revolution. This curbed my sweet coffee addiction a little bit; I transitioned into the world of the skinny and sugar-free lattes, where I still return from time to time (I’m so, so excited for my first Cinnamon Dolce latte of the fall!)

This summer, I’ve gone even more purist: in the blazingly hot days of running from work to workouts, my little energy jolt was usually an iced coffee with a bit of skim milk and a touch of Splenda. Sweet without the calories, and an energy jolt to boot! 

Of the profiles listed on Levo League, I think the vanilla latte description fits me best:


Skinny Vanilla Latte: You’re classic, but you like to have fun. You know what you like, and you’ve been drinking it for years. Sure, you’ll try out the season’s “must-wear” fashions, but you’ll mix them sparingly with your tried-and-true investment pieces. If it’s not broken, why fix it? Building and maintaining personal relationships is one of your strengths, so it was a no-brainer for you to manage your company’s external communications.

What does your drink say about you?


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