Get Up and Go

My audition outfit: dress provided by Target, shoes by Jessica Simpson, and earrings bought from a lovely sorority sister who knew of my obsession with all things sparkly and dangly.

One of the greatest life lessons that the acting world has given me is very simple: Show Up.  Basically, this means that stuff can only happen if you take the opportunities that you’re given.  You will never get cast in a show if you don’t show up to audition.  Likewise, you will never get the help you need at work if you don’t ask for it.  You won’t be able to reach the cereal at the back of the shelf of the grocery if you don’t ask the hunky shopper next to you for some help.

See? Multi-situational applicability.  That’s what I aim for.

I had a true test of this theory this morning. I stayed up too late last night, and when my alarm went of at 7 sharp, I cursed whatever minion that had possessed me to sign up for a 10 am opera audition slot.  The excuses started pouring in: it’s pointless because I won’t get cast, my voice doesn’t feel up to snuff, it’s been a long week, I’ve done enough…I could write a book with the things that actors come up with.  But after about ten minutes of wrestling with myself, I got up.  And I drank two sips of coffee (because caffeine is bad for your voice.  The world is a cruel, cruel place sometimes).  And showered, got dressed, prepped my music, walked out the door and auditioned my butt off.

I showed up! And got a nice little boost of confidence.  A good start to my Saturday.

Now excuse me while I go chug coffee like it’s my job.


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