Good Is Good Enough


This summer was all about taking time to take care of myself.  And that included learning what really makes me tick.   I don’t think very many people spend time thinking about how our brains work, or the ways in which we are comfortable functioning.  I know I certainly hadn’t given it much thought. But understanding your comfort spots, both good and bad, can help you get your life on track. I had a really rough semester last year, and didn’t quite know why.  After a summer of thinking it out, I discovered  a few personality traits that add to my stress, and am working on turning those into strengths this year.

One of these little bad habits? I have a very hard time letting “Good” be “Good Enough.” This is best illustrated in the acting world, for me.  In our profession, auditioning is the job, and getting cast is the fun part. So every time I get a callback at my incredibly competitive program, I should be praising the Lord and be thankful for the chance that I get to play. Which is usually the case. But callbacks do not always result in being cast. In fact, it would be fair to say that most of the time they don’t. 

I have a hard time letting the fact that I got called back be Good Enough.  I always want to take it one step further: yes, that was good, but it could have been perfect. In my mind, this has always just seemed like hard work and motivation. But this summer, I realized it’s affecting my quality of life.

It’s good to have high standards and set big goals…but it’s also good to remember that success can be measured on many scales, and in many ways. I had the good fortune to get called back for Yelena in Uncle Vanya yesterday, a lead role which I never in a million years thought I would read for.  I had an absolutely incredible callback. I am so proud of the work that I did, and feel so blessed to have created some very magical moments in that audition room. I got cut just before the end, so I will not be getting the part, but you know what?  A good (try AMAZING!) callback is good enough. Life is too beautiful to waste on “could have happeneds.”  It is going to be a struggle, but I am committed to bettering my life this year by keeping this healthy perspective in mind.

Hope this helps you to remember that you’re good enough, too 🙂


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