Thoughts on My 16th First Day of School


Some beautiful sisters and I at Bid Day yesterday…you know it’s the start of semester when Rush week is over! Never started high school off with a bang like that.

I love the first day of school.  It calls up visions of 20 years of choosing the perfect outfit, waking up early so I can make sure that my hair looks just right, that I have time to perfect my “look”–which I probably picked out a week in advance.  It means planning what I’ll have for breakfast; something special, to get me off to the right start.  It means reunion with friends that I haven’t seen all summer. It means tragic school pictures.  It means hanging out by the lockers, gossiping about the hot new math tutor.

Basically, it signals a new start.

This summer has been beautiful in so many ways.  Instead of getting wrapped up in the craziness of the acting world, I took some time to really focus on myself as a person.  Falling in love with hot yoga, beginning marathon training, cooking delicious things, and writing up a storm…all of it was wonderful.  But I have to say that after a few months of working full time as an intern, I am so ready to get back into the swing of college.  

This morning, I took a little bit of time to sit quietly on the couch, coffee and peanut butter banana toast in hand (see? special first day breakfast plans), and thought about how many first days of school you get in your life.  It’s special.  It’s something that I’ll be sad to lose.  But it also helps you track the changes that you’ve gone through, all of the years that you have had, and the incredible memories you’ve made.  This year, I want to spend more time valuing some of the awesome things that college gives you…and not so much worrying about things that I cannot change.  Which covers  a lot of things in the acting world, let me tell you.  I’ve brainstormed some goals for this semester, and can’t wait to share them with you all. Well, I’m a little nervous–putting them out into the universe just gives me that much more need to work on them!

Happy back to school to all of you college kids! And for those of you in the real world, I hope this Monday is treating you well.

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