Work Week! Or, why I am in a sorority


This post could be pages long. It could take you hours to read, and you’d leave with a bubbly warm feeling in your heart and, hopefully, a Gandhi-like peace of mind about the universe and your place in it.

But I (and probably you) have neither the time nor the inclination to achieve that level of self actualization tonight. So I am just going to say that I arrived back at school a week early to participate in my sorority’s rush week, and I am loving being back in the house.  I don’t post a lot about my sorority life on here, because it’s a little bit more difficult to explain than what I made for breakfast or how I love to work out.  One quote I’ve heard is that “From the outside looking in, you can’t understand it.” I think that’s an elitist way to put it, but in the case of sororities, it’s kind of true. 

I come from up North. Sororities were not on my radar, besides in the scary frat movies where the girls were dumb and did keggers and participated in wet t-shirt contests. This might surprise you, but that is not really my scene.  Imagine my surprise to find myself not only rushing (“I’m just doing this to meet friends! It’s the thing to do here! I’ll never actually join!”) to being an officer and a junior member of one of the most incredible organizations in the country (I think. I’m a little biased).

The thing I love most about sorority life is the fact that I have a house full of people who will literally love me no matter what. It’s a 100 person family.  I love the quote, “Your sisters always have your back,” because I think it essentially describes what a sorority life should be.  You totally bombed that audition? It’s fine, we’re going out for fro yo.  Your grandmother passed away? I’ll pray with you all night, if that’s what it takes.  It’s not just your best friends, either; it’s EVERYONE.  During this work week, I’ve connected to girls I haven’t said more than three sentences to before on a level deeper than some of my high school friendships.  That is sisterhood right there.

This is, obviously, just my sorority in just my school.  but I like to think it holds through in houses across the country.  This week, when so many people are concerned about getting new girls in the house, rushing number one, and all that craziness, I am happy my house takes a moment to realize how special and rare it is to share the bond that we do.  I love them, and I love my house, with all my heart. And that’s what I’m gaining from this week. Not for four years, but for life, y’all.


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