Fourth of July, Four Outings: Southern Supper

For the third entry in my Fourth of July event planning ideas, I’m taking a little bit of inspiration from my college town down south.  I am a southwestern/northern girl, if where I live plays into it.  But I feel that deep down in my soul, I’ve got a strong helping of the Southern sweet belle.  I’d love to sweep around a wrap around porch house, sipping on sweet tea…but the best I can do is an Independence Day get together with plenty of southern charm.

The Place:

A cozy home with a porch.  I’m picturing the gorgeous kind featured in Southern Living magazine, complete with gazebos and weeping willows in the back.  But anything with an open wall to the outdoors would be absolutely lovely!  Beginning in the afternoon gives this party plenty of time to pop. Bocce ball in the yard and lots of activities for the young and young at heart gives a little something for everyone.  My family’s favorites include bocce ball, Frisbee throwing, and a good ol’ fashioned game of croquet.

Southern Porch Before & After :: Hometalk

How pretty and bright is this?

Celebrate with a Bang

From Southern Living…be still my heart.  Deck, view and tablescaping all work together for a patriotic feast for the eyes.

The Menu:

Smoky chicken barbecue kabobs, root beer baked beans, shout hallelujah potato salad, and a red white and blue berry tart.

I realize that I’m bucking southern tradition a bit here by using grilled chicken instead of good ol’ fried.  But…confession time…I do not like fried chicken. At all. Or anything with bones in it, for that matter. Sacrilege and craziness, I know. Hopefully I make up for that woeful inadequacy with the fact that all of these recipes are from Southern Living magazine!

Root Beer Baked Beans Recipe

All-Star Berry Tart Recipe

My God, those berries! I will be making this soon, even though I missed the national holiday. It’s just to gorgeous to pass up.

The Outfit:

White lace hem button down crop top - shirts - blouses / shirts - women

C. Wonder | Paper Bag Short

I’m in love with this sweet and sassy outfit.  If you’re feeling adventurous, work those high heels from C. Wonder! If not, a pair of cute flats from Target would work just as well.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!  Tomorrow I’ll be posting what my family actually did for the holiday.  While it might not be as chic as these events, it was fun, charming, and real.  And I got to cook a lot.  So that’s true happiness right there.

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