Five Things…in review

1) Summer nights downtown.

There’s nothing like a college town on a Friday night.  Even though it’s apparently cleared out a lot for the summer, the streets were still full of kids running around enjoying the weather and the parties.  I really do miss being in that environment, so I loved spending a night out with my best friend Katy.

2) Running in new shoes

Asics GT-2000™ White/Orange/Fuschia

How pretty are these? My new shoes finally got shipped in, and tying them on to go for my run yesterday felt so exciting.  Who would have ever predicted I would pay more for running shoes than a pair of heels?  Life takes us to some very interesting places.  Though I still special ordered them to get them in pink.  Some things never change.

3) My brother’s coming home!

He’s been out on a road trip in the midst of a summer full of military training, and will be home for a short week.  We always have a jam when he’s home!

4) Skillet lasagna with turkey


This stuff was INCREDIBLE.  I’ll post my recipe this week.  I really enjoy coming home from a long day at work and making a yummy dinner.  It’s empowering to take over the cooking at home, because you know exactly what’s going into it and can make some healthier choices…ie, turkey meat.  I can’t imagine my parents going for that in their typical spaghetti, but my mom admitted that this dish tasted amazing.


So. Many. People.

Okay, I have obviously been saving the best for last because OH MY GOSH IMAGINE DRAGONS! I absolutely love this band.  I’m sure you’ve heard their stuff, but if you haven’t, get thee to iTunes right now!  My go-to running playlist is the Imagine Dragons Pandora station, so I knew every song and had fond memories of jogging along with their jams as motivation. 

Katy, Katie and I drove to Milwaukee for the fest, and had a good time trying out new foods and considering going on the mechanical bull (we chickened out).  Waiting for the concert was crazy–I could have leaned over off balance on any side and been held up by the crowd.  Wall to wall sardines.  We stood like that for two hours waiting for the show to start…memories to last a lifetime.  And the beer on my shoes probably will too.

But as soon as the started playing, nothing else mattered. I’ve never seen such a great live show! Inspiring, invigorating, and just plain fun. And then we drove the hours home and passed out in a heap.


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