First Day of Summer Shindig

I feel like summer has been going on for a while now…but apparently I have been celebrating spring.  Getting out of school at the beginning of May warps your season perception. I was very happy to learn that today was the official first day of summer!  I woke up expecting gorgeous skies of sun, a day of (sun screen protected) tanning, and an attractive young man handing out free bubble gum flavored snow cones. But instead, I headed to work in a rather chilly drizzle that persisted all day, sometimes turning into a downright downpour.

Is there any fairness in the world? I ask you.

Because today was a little lackluster, I thought up a great little party to celebrate the amazing possibilities that summer nights bring in to the world.  I love summer weather, food, clothing…I’d be one happy girl if I could have summer nights every night.

Love this bright and beautiful place setting with a beachy vibe, from Southern Living.

Speaking of color…how cute is this table top full of brights?

The Menu

Salad: Feta and orange arugula salad.  I would take out the feta and substitute  in some wonderful summer berries.

Firecracker Grilled Salmon Recipe

Main Course: Firecracker grilled salmon.  I just found this in Southern Living, and I cannot wait to try it. Sounds so delicious, with a little kick!

Side Dish: Grilled sweet corn salsa.  Would be great on top of the salmon, and as a side in and of itself! Easy and all kinds of pretty colors…are you noticing a theme here? 

Desserts: Because I couldn’t pick just one. 

Homemade strawberry lime sorbet. Four ingredients. All kinds of refreshing.

Yogurt in a waffle cone topped with fresh fruit. Again, super simple, but it looks so good!

Lemon Meringue Ice Cream Recipe

Finally, I dare you to not want this Lemon Meringue Ice Cream Sandwich. I triple dog dare you. That is lemon meringue ice cream between two gingersnap cookies, folks.


Finally, what does a good hostess wear to such a glorious event? Apparently, today was National Wear Lilly Pulitzer Day. I had no idea. Even if I had…I do not, in point of fact, own any of the aforementioned.  But a girl can dream.

Lilly Pulitzer Laidley Dress

It’s so pink.

Hope you all had a wonderful day! XOXO

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