Happy Father’s Day!

I hope to have another post coming tonight, but I had to take a minute to acknowledge the two truly amazing men I get to call “Dad” this Father’s Day.

Stepdad and his two crazy kids at Disney World.

My stepdad has been with our family for almost 12 years now, but I feel as though I’ve had him forever. He has always loved us unconditionally, and sacrificied a lot (like, oh, say, his bachelorhood) in order to give my brother and I an amazing life.  Even though he doesn’t exactly get the whole “artsy” thing all the time (we’re talking a man’s man here: former rugby all star, college basketball player, lover of any and all sporting events), he has never once dissuaded me from pursuing anything that I love. And I love him even more for that.

My dad is also my number one fan. I can’t even begin to describe the number of panicky phone calls, texts, or just conversations he’s had with me about life and my “huge problems.” But he never makes me feel bad about it.  He is constantly there with support, love, good advice, and some rock and roll.  As the above picture shows.  I treasure living so close to him, with every little bit of my heart. Whether it’s a quick lunch or a full day of browsing Barnes and Noble, hanging out with him has given me some of my happiest moments.


I am so lucky to have these incredible men in my world.  Happy Father’s Day, Johnny and Daddy 🙂


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