Tony Awards Watch Party

Tony Awards Watch Party

It has been quite the day.  After visiting Urgent Care to get my foot checked out (diagnosis: probably not a stress fracture; no running for two weeks. So I’m mostly relieved, still a little sad…I will become a stationary bike riding queen in the next fourteen days, you can count on that), I was ready to come home, curl up, and just relax.  And work on my novel.  And read a play. Sigh.

But I am taking a little moment to write up my dream Tony party!  I watched with two of my best friends last night, and had an amazing time.  Someday, however, I’d like to have a dream Tony night big blowout bash! When we’re all rich and famous.  Or, you know, attend the Tonys.  That’d be cool too.

*Obligatory Note of My Thoughts on the Winners: I was SO excited for Patina Miller and Billy Porter.  Those kids are phenomenal, and work so hard! Loved that there were a ton of women directors winning.  I thought for sure Matilda was going to win, but was pleasantly surprised by Kinky Boots. Definitely the little show that could.  The fact that a Broadway regular (Tracy Letts) beat out Tom Hanks for the Best Actor made me swell up with pride, but Tom is a phenomenal guy.  Loved him.  Vanya and Sonya and Masha and Spike winning made me…kinda happy?  I don’t know enough about it to be totally jazzed. If it’s Durang, I’d probably like it.

Now back to the party program.


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