This picture above is exactly how running makes me feel.  When I start, I’m a sore, tired, and slightly grumpy girl, having to fit in this extra half hour of cardio into a jam-packed day.  And it usually sucks for the first mile and a half or so, when I consider going back home, flopping on the floor, and reading Vogue for an hour instead.  But around mile two, something amazing happens.  I turn into a Beyoncé look a like.  I feel like Lara Croft after she’s jumped over a few dozen cars and spelunked into a tomb.  I feel, basically, like a running goddess. 

Let me tell ya…that kind of feeling gets addicting.  This week I even started considering dropping my two off days of the week, where I attend hot yoga, to go for runs instead.  I feel so healthy and proud afterwards, why would I want to stop?

I think the craziness was starting to get to me…which is when  the universe stepped in.  At the start of my 4 mile run this morning, my right foot was a bit twingy, but not awful.  I decided to run it out.  Running it out turned into whincing it out, and when I got home, it hurt to stand on that foot for too long. I had to admit it: instead of my feet hurting from kicking so much ass…my foot just hurt.  Pretty badly.  Excellent.  I iced, I elevated, I did everything I could think of, but my mom pronounced the words that had been going through my mind like poison: “You should probably rest for a few days.” Rest? REST? I don’t need rest! I’m a running machine! I thought I was a goddess.

Here’s a secret: unfortunately, though I will still continue to pretend I’m glowing like Beyoncé while working out, I have come to respect that I am mortal.  I can push myself to my limits, and that is great.  There are very few accomplishments as fulfilling as meeting personal fitness goals.  But I am a human being.  Human beings get hurt tendons; they get muscles that turn to jello.  And human beings also take off days.  I’m going to rest my foot and do some cross training for a while, and try to keep resting till I know it’s healed up.  This is a definite learning process for me, but I suppose the important thing is that I’m learning at all.  Baby steps might be annoying, but sometimes that’s the healthy way to play the game.  Or in this case, run the run.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go drool over new shoes at the Nike website…wow, is this a new lifestyle or what?

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