Pray for Oklahoma

The massive tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma yesterday was about fifteen to twenty minutes from my school, and began only ten minutes away from my dad’s house.  Everyone I know and love is safe and accounted for, and my dad’s house sustained no damage, but the devastation so close to where my loved ones and I live is absolutely unimaginable.  Please take a moment to pray, send good vibes, whatever you need to do, to the people who have lost loved ones or all they own.  I cannot even begin to express how proud I am of the fortitude of the people in my adopted state.  One mother on the news summed it up for me: “Yes, I lost everything, but my kids are alright.  So we’re fine.”  I’m praying with all my heart for recovery and peace to the area.

Note: If you are in OKC, you can help by donating food, water, and other supplies to the local Red Cross, or by giving blood.

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