15 Thoughts On Being Home

Today I spent my first full day back at home.  It was largely uneventful and relaxing, but I kept finding myself shaking my head and wondering at the novelty of being back in this house with my mom and stepdad.  Here are a few of my post-sophomore year thoughts.

1. I am currently lying in the bed I slept in basically every night from sixth grade to the day I left for college. Insane.

2. My room feels the same.  So easy to sink back into; like my favorite sweater.

3. I HAVE SO MANY BOOKS! I mean, I gave three boxes away last summer…and yet books are shoved into every cranny and crevice of my room.  And the basement.  And some of the living areas.  My parents probably could have invested in a yacht and sailed away to Cancun with all the money they spent on books for me.

4. My dogs (Kiwi, Mango, and Patterson) are so cute! Life is good when you have a terripoo, terrier mutt, and a miniature basset (meaning she weights fifty pounds instead of 80).

5. My dogs are loud.  Why are they barking at 8:00 am?

6. I can cook. My god.  It’s a miracle. I’m making scrambled eggs.

7. Eh, I’m too lazy for eggs.  Cereal it is.

8.  I can run errands without worrying about making it back in time for class.  I revel in the feeling of being in our usual grocery store, where I know where everything is and don’t have to spend the requisite fifteen minutes in line that my school’s neighborhood Walmart always seems to feature.

9. I forgot half the things I needed at the grocery because I was too busy reveling in driving around all of my old stomping grounds.

10. Man, I can’t wait to eat at Noodles/the diner/that new restaurant/my favorite burger place/the new fro yo joint.

11.  I gotta go for a run. I’m going to gain ten pounds in a week.

12. Getting new shoes at the mall? Awesome.  Getting new shoes at the mall that were paid for by your mom? Priceless.

13. There isn’t anything quite like curling up in the old comfy couch with a hot mug of coffee in your pajamas. 

14. Oh my god, I don’t have to do homework. Or a rehearsal. Or an audition. Or a lesson. Or a performance. Or go practice.

15.  How blessed I am to be able to end the day curled up on the couch with my mom and three dogs, having a couple of spoonfuls of Coffee Heath Bar Crunch ice cream and watching Downton Abbey.  Life is bliss.



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