Finals…or not

I feel a little bit like this guy right now. Kinda discombobulated and off kilter; not quite sure if he can roll back over the right way.  Woof.  Extended metaphor.

It is currently my finals week. But only two finals, a voice jury, and a Chekhov showcase stand in the way of me driving out of here on Thursday.


It has been a long, difficult year y’all.  I will miss my friends, and I will miss performing, but I don’t think I could do anything better for myself than getting out of the acting school loop for a couple of months.

But I have to survive the next three days first.

None of my finals are high stress, and yet I have lived in the world of stressful craziness for so long that it’s hard for me to come down from that.  I am a perfectionist, which is NOT a good thing to be in the creative world.  Art is imperfect in its imperfections! I keep reminding myself that as I dump huge piles of stuff into boxes without thinking about how tightly all this is going to cram in our little moving truck.

This is just a quick update to say that yes, I’m surviving.  And you will be hearing a lot more from me soon, regarding life, the universe, and the world of a BFA acting major on summer vacation.  Away from acting school? Yes.  Away from acting? Never.


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