Where Are You Summer?


I don’t know if I have ever felt the need for summer quite as bad as this year.  In high school, summer was a time of long days filled with not much to do–a couple of low key summer jobs, doing a huge list of chores with my brother, reading books, swimming with friends…

Now I’m looking forward to working full time at a theatre lighting company, and hopefully teaching some theatre classes.  Which is to say: I am going to be one busy girl.

I was a little nervous about this at first.  Everyone (it seems) is planning amazing vacations to Guatemala or going hiking for three months or working on Broadway…and I will be working my butt off to save up money in order to study abroad next summer.  Sigh.

But then I realized how incredible this is going to be.  I am going to have no anxiety for three months.  No homework assignments due, no huge projects on the way (besides preparing for those classes…which barely even counts as work).  I will have time to read, to write (yay!), to work out, to cook in a real kitchen.  I can appreciate the time spent relaxing with my family and some of my best friends.  This will also be the last summer I get to spend in my childhood home before my family moves and downsizes.  So really, I should be thanking my lucky stars. So much to be thankful for!

Plus the fact that in two weeks I will be on my way to Disneyworld for a four day vacation.  So, there’s that.

Basically, I need this year to be over.  It’s been a long and stressful one, and I’m ready to move on to new adventures! But don’t worry–I am going to try and live in the moments of joy that these last two weeks will bring.  Hope you all are getting as pumped up as I am, even if it’s just for warm weather!


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