Five Things…Jury Weeked!

I feel like the Jaws theme song plays every time someone around here mentions Sophomore Acting Juries.  These are like the capstone to our first two years of BFA Acting training.  You go in front of the school of theatre faculty members, and perform three monologues in four minutes. For me, that means a 1:30 Shakespeare, a 1:30 Chekhov, and a one minute contemporary piece.  Woo! Talk about intense.  That all happens Sunday.

On Monday, we go in to have a ten minute sit down discussion with the faculty.  They talk about anything and everything: how your pieces went, yes, but also what they’ve seen in the past two years, what you do great at, what you could improve upon, any behavioral issues, things they’d like to see next year…and so on.  That part is the most nerve racking to me, because I can’t control it at all!

In the midst of this jury craziness, there’s also a weekend. Go figure.  Here’s what I’m most excited about.

1) Performing my monologues.  I’m not really even nervous for this part.  I truly love all of my pieces, and I’m so excited to finally perform what I’ve been working on for the past few weeks! Especially my Shakespeare…cause that thing is just such a jam.  Love it to pieces.

2) The post-jury party.

Heaven in a cup.

After juries, a bunch of the BFAts (that’s my sophomore class buddies) and I are going out for a big margherita pizza and some fro yo.  It will be the unhealthiest that I have eaten in weeks…and I cannot, cannot wait.  Sometimes, you gotta live a little.  After that, I will be coming home to a good book and an amazing bubble bath. And hopefully, some stress free sleep!

3) Lazing about! If you haven’t been able to tell from my last months’ worth of posts, I don’t get a large amount of down time here at school.  Full disclosure: I pretty much get none.  So this weekend, I’m looking forward to sleeping in.  To watching episodes of wedding shows.  To maybe even indulging in a movie.  I’m looking forward to having ample time to get my homework done–how sad is that?? I’m so ready to have a little bit of de-stress time before we launch into the craziness that is last week and finals week (and boy, is it ever crazy).  Fact: I am currently lounging in yoga pants with a huge glass of water and a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios, and intend on finding a new Netflix show as soon as I finish this post.  Let’s see if I can remind myself how to relax!

4) Jeans!  Okay.  This is a tiny one.  And it’s a little sad how excited I am.  But I bought the most amazing jeans for my jury, and the world must know! They’re American Eagle Artist cut, super stretch.  All the comfort of a jegging, but with a look stylish and tailored enough to wear to an audition.  I’m in love. I want all the pairs!

American Eagle Outfitters Artist Jean

Wimpy pic, I know.  More incentive to go look for them in store!
Or find them online

5) Foods!  I have a tradition of splurging for the last two weeks of the semester and getting “Lauren Level Comfort Food.”  For me, that means:

-Honeycrisp apples (so expensive, so worth it.  The agony and the ecstasy)
-Strawberries! Or another kind of fruit I usually pass up with a laugh of “Ha, I’m poor.”
-TWO kinds of cereal.  That’s right, y’all.  It’s getting crazy in here. (for the record, today it was cheerios and cinnamon Life, aka Lauren’s crack).
-Original Goldfish. Just one bag.  A little salty indulgence.
-Raisins.  What, whole fruit and dried fruit??? The world is a remarkable place.
-Creamy chicken ramen noodles.  For those last two nights of school that I just really, really need it. Sorry, sodium content gods.
-Salad! Because the lettuce is sad here.
-The end all be all: a bag of Dove dark chocolate.  I mean…how could I not?  I usually try to keep this one at one piece per day…but who knows how my mind will hold up in these last two weeks? My math skills have never been exemplary.


Hope your weekend is just as exciting!



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