La Vie en Paris

I’ve been needing some escape these past few weeks.  And since I am currently still finishing up my sophomore year in a landlocked state, the opportunities for gorgeous escape destinations are rather few and far between.  So I’ve been using my favorite (and least expensive!) travel option: reading a book.

Cue that reading rainbow song.  I’m every kindergarten English teacher’s dream.

Seriously, though.  There is nothing better than finishing up a long day, running a bubble bath, and just soaking while reading a good book.  It’s my time to destress, forget about the worries that I’ve been carrying with me, and finally breathe a sigh of relief.

This therapy, plus some hard core running workouts while watching Say Yes to the Dress, have been protecting my sanity for the past two weeks, and will probably continue to do so up until I get into my car and drive back home.

Currently, my reading list has been filled with trips to far away lands.  More specifically, to Paris.  The list of “one year in Paris” memoirs is surprisingly long, and they all provide a sweet and decadent trip across the Pond, without the thousand dollar price tag.  Here are my current favorites!


Find it here

This sweet little memoir details a year spent in Paris searching for the best sweets, en francaise.  Amy Thomas details her adventures as a reporter searching for the perfect macarons and chocolats while also giving a glimpse into a life of a 20-something expat in a new country.  It’s an absolute dream job, and I can’t help but read the book and wish I was living it! Paris plus sweets.  My two favorite things.


Find it here

Eloisa James is the best romance novel author there is (yes, I’ve read a few. Sue me).  But she branches out into her real life in this wonderful memoir.  As a Shakespeare professor (hello, dream job!), Eloisa is allowed to take sabbatical.  And after a bout with breast cancer leaves her searching for meaning, she decides to take a year abroad in Paris…with her teenager, tween, and husband in tow.  This book is a collection of her Facebook and email entries, edited and fleshed out.  They’re beautiful little nougats of Parisian goodness, with all the history, personality, and yes, food, that you could wish for.  This was the greatest spring break read ever!


Find it here

This memoir is the stuff of a romantic comedy: Elizabeth Bard, witty and pithy classic American beauty, falls head over heels for a debonair French PhD student.  And they continue talking. And emailing. And visiting.  And finally, she decides to move to Paris to be with him…and great soul searching and hilarity ensues.  What really makes this memoir special, however, are the recipes interspersed and tied in with her stories.  Whether it’s a hearty noodle dish made for a late dinner after a morning spent in bed, or a delicious dessert straight out of a French picnic, reading these recipes of love makes my mouth water.  And makes me wish The Boyfriend (aka Navy Boy) had a secret flat in the 10th Arrondissement.

If you need a vacation, head to your nearest Barnes and Noble and pick one of these up! You will not be disappointed, je promets.

Bonne journee!

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