My Favourite…Places to Eat!

Fave Restaurants
I need a fun post in this crazy stressful week, so today I’m going to talk about my absolute favorite restaurants and type of foods, and how I make healthier choices!…some of the time. I love to eat out and try new restaurants.  I usually don’t have the money to go out, so when I do, I like to plan ahead and make it really special!  Here are some of my favorites.
Quickie Lunch:
1. Panera Bread: I love this place! It’s cheap, it’s quick, and they let you sit and do acting homework for hours! Not that I’ve tried. Ahem.
-When I Want to Indulge: You Pick Two with half a chicken caesar sandwich and a bowl of French onion soup.  Sigh. So good.
-When I’m Being Good: A bowl of chicken noodle soup with a whole grain baguette!
Don’t Miss: the lemonade! My fave.
2. Jason’s Deli: My dad and my’s go to spot!
-When I Want to Indulge: nothing beats the chicken pot pie soup in the middle of winter.  Warms your belly and heart!
-When I’m Being Good: they have the best Turkey Wrap here I’ve ever had! So refreshing.  Get it with a side of fruit to really boost your health benefits.
3. Noodles and Company: I could eat here for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Seriously. So good.
-When I Want to Indulge: I almost never get it…so bad for you.  But if I’m going for it, I get the Wisconsin Mac and Cheese.  It’s to die for!
-When I’m Being Good: Here’s a twofer, cause they’re both so darn good! I either get the pad thai with chicken, or the penne rosa with parmesan chicken and no mushrooms if I’m feeling spicy.
Tip: Order the small size, not the large! Plenty of food, and friendlier on your waistline and budget.
Dinner Date:
1. Cheesecake Factory: Fun fact–I’ve never had a slice of cheesecake here! I get too full. Here are my go to meals.
-When I Want to Indulge: the white chicken chili is amazing.  And also, bread. Lots of bread.
-When I’m Being Good: the skinnylicious chicken tomato mozzarella pasta is wonderful! And avoid that bread basket. And cheesecake. Sigh.
Don’t Miss: I’d rather have the strawberry lemonade here than a slice of cheesecake.  It’s just that good.
2. Red Rock Canyon Grill: This is my fave restaurant in my town, but my grill selections apply to most steakhouses!
-When I Want to Indulge: filet minon with mashed potatoes.  Cannot go wrong with a good steak, and there’s is perfect/
-When I’m Being Good: they have incredible salmon here! I get it with grilled veggies and carrots instead of my favorite garlic mashed potatoes.
3. Sushi!: this is a new phenomenon in my life.  I have grown to love, and crave, sushi.  It’s just so good! I could eat it all day.
-When I Want to Indulge: I get more than one roll and a cup of egg drop soup.
-When I’m Being Good: I’m obsessed with steamed edamame! So yummy.  And one volcano roll.
Dessert Heaven
Ah, my favourite topic.  I’ve only listed two because I’m not going to give healthy options with this one.  It’s dessert. Live a little!
1. Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt: I think Liz and I should take out stock at this place.  It’s our go to for semi-healthy destressing!
-What I Order: if I’m feeling fruity, I get orange or cotton candy fro yo with gummy worms and fresh fruit.  So good.  If I want to really go for it, I mix some combination of wedding cake, coffee, brownie, or peanut butter fro yo and top with heath bar and chocolate chips. Soooo good.
2. La Brioche: This is a little French bakery and cafe in my home town.  Do some searching and I’m sure you’ll find a similar one near you!
-What I Order: whoever is fortunate enough to be my date is forced to split a creme puff with me.  Imagine fluffy, sweet, perfectly dreamy homemade whipped creme sandwiched between two puffy, air-light pastries that have been coated in chocolate, all surrounded by the freshest strawberries.  That, my friends, is what heaven looks like.

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