We Are Back, We Are Back!

Life as an acting major sometimes just seems like a continue roll of shows opening and shows closing.  I feel like we just began rehearsals for Emotional Creature, and now we’re done! Craziness.

The tech week for this show was crazy.  Our director had a family emergency, and was only able to attend half of one tech rehearsal (and I cannot thank her enough for her commitment to the show). So on we went, working with each other, trusting the ensemble and our amazing stage manager, and tweeking and finessing without a director! Hard stuff.  I don’t think any of us really knew how the show was going to go over.  We all loved it. We loved the ensemble we had created, and felt a deep and powerful connection to the material we had talked about.  But we also knew that it was long (three hours!), intense, and not everyone’s cup of tea.  We went into performances with a lot of joy, and just a tiny touch of nerves.

Y’all, people LOVED it.

I am so happy to say that.  The audience every night came ready to dance and take a journey with us.  They let themselves be invested in this story of what it’s like to be a girl, no matter if they were younger, older, girl, guy, crazy, shy, whatever.  The laughter and applause was incredible, as were the moments of silent emotion and recognition.

If you play for audience approval in theatre, you’re going to be dissapointed at least some of the time–not everyone likes every kind of play or performance, after all.  And even though I know this, I wanted so badly for this show to go well.  And I am so, so happy that it did!

And now we are back to the regular, non-tech life of a BFA.  Oh, wait.  I forgot to mention: it’s sophomore jury time.


JURIES?!?!?! Where??

Duh, duh, DUH!!!

Fun stuff. So this week is going to be spent working monologues, memorizing audition pieces, and generally waffling between being nervous and excited.


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