Top Ten Kid’s Quotes While Playing a Disney Character



Don’t judge my deflated curls. It was a long night.

I had the amazing opportunity to play Merida (from Disney’s Brave) this weekend at Fairytale Ball, a fundraiser that our local Children’s Theatre runs.  Fundraiser doesn’t do it justice; this is a gala event where parents bring their dressed up children to be entertained by the characters, and then feast and drink and dance the night away.

It was a fun, long (opperative word: long) five hours. 

I somehow didn’t realize quite how exhausting it would be to run around with approximately 200 kids, who all want you to dance with them/sing/tell your story/get their mom/ hit you with balloon swords.  

After the night was over, I went home and passed out.  But a few of the quotes from some of the more adorable kids stuck with me.


1. Why isn’t your hair red? x1000000 I didn’t have the heart to tell them that it’s natural.  So I said that my mum made me dye it to be less wild and more lady like.  Incredulous faces all around, but I had to stick with it.  And promise I would dye it back immediately upon my return to Scotland.

2. Your hair isn’t red, but I know it’s you cause you talk the same! Thank god.  I worked on my poor man’s Scottish accent for maybe ten minutes before I got to the ball.  I usually pick up accents easily, but this one was turning into some Israeli (my accent in Emotional Creature)/Cockney conglomerate…oof.  As soon as I talked to the kids though, it got better.  It’s being added to my special skills list as we speak.

3. Why do you talk weird?  I’m Scottish, silly child. Haven’t you scene me movie?

4. You were a cartoon in the movie.  Why aren’t you a cartoon in real life? This one was Inception-level confusing.  I think I laughed awkwardly and said, “Well, maybe you’d be a cartoon too if Disney came and filmed your life!!!” She seemed slightly convinced. Maybe it was just my relief at coming up with an answer.

5. You’re my favorite! I know.  I’m an attention lover. But there was one adorable little girl dressed up as Merida, and she followed me around for most of the night.  It’s good to hear that you’re the favorite in a room full of Belles and Ariels.  Okay, attention mongering done.

6. Where are your bow and arrows?  Can I shoot them? These seemed to go hand in hand.  At first I was sad the costume hadn’t come with a bow, and then I realized the utter wisdom of that decision.  We did not need one more thing for kids to hit us with.  Thank you, costume gods.

7. Do you remember in your movie when…? Adorable.  Every kid who talked about my movie asked if I remembered certain moments.  Their excitement was contagious!

8. Do you really live in a castle? Yes.  I sure do.  Castle Dunbroch, with my father King Fergus and my mum Queen Elinor, who is no longer a bear.  (See, I did my research!)

9. Your dress is sooooooo pretty! Pretty, yes.  Yards and yards of green velvet and sparkly gold polyester.  Also 15 pounds.  But who cares?  I love being a medieval princess.

10. You’re just a real person, aren’t you?  Ouch, kid.  That one hurt.  It’s so odd to have a room filled with kids at different states of believing. Some totally get it; others are beginning to notice that the characters aren’t just like what they saw on screen (that they don’t have red hair, for example…oops).  I was happy to smile and calmly reply, “Of course I am.  I’m Merida, princess of Dunbroch from Scotland.  Who are you?”  


It was a fun, crazy, tiring, and epic night, and I’m so thankful for the opportunity! Reprisal at Disneyland someday? Who knows.

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