Dream Apartment

Dream Apartment
As you might have guessed by the title, I officially got my lovely, single studio apartment for next year! The housing draft (the process by which my school has us choose housing) was absolute torture, but it all worked out for the best. Quick overview of that process: rising seniors have number 1-400, rising juniors 400-700, and rising sophomores 700-1000.  You draw for a number randomly in your class (I was number 503), and then go up to a room in groups of 50 to choose what you want.  While you wait, you sit in the gym, where they blast hip hop at ridiculous decibels.  I was lucky–I only had to wait for two hours. Last year it apparently took seven.
Anyway, I am a VERY happy girl–got pretty much exactly the room I wanted! I can’t wait to move in.  This is just a little post of how I would furnish my room…if I had unlimited money and resources.  I might look into buying a few of those decorations, though, because really, how could I not? Adorable.

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