The Joys of Target

Go To Target

College has made me truly appreciate the little things in life.  Like having clean laundry.  And homecooked meals.  And finding a parking space.

But I think the major thing I now appreciate is shopping.

I rarely have the money to go out and go on crazy shopping sprees. Let’s be honest–I never have the money to do that.  So when someone else takes me to the store and says that I can get whatever I want? I go a little crazy.  Well, crazy for me. 

I had planned on going to Target last night and splurging a little bit on some essentials–mainly, new bowls for my kitchen, because my beloved pink plastic ones have become a little gross and wonky.

My dad surprised me at the last minute by asking to come along–he happened to be in the city, and we don’t get a chance to catch up very often.  So we went shopping. And as we stepped into the cool, air conditioned glory of Target on a warm spring evening, he whispered the most magical words of the weekend: “Go ahead and get whatever you need.  I’ve got it covered.”

This might not be a big deal for someone who always has their groceries paid for, or is somewhat more financially solvent, but I almost cried from happiness. I have gotten used to debating over buying a second box of cereal for five minutes, because I don’t know if I want to spend the extra three dollars.  Life gets harder when you have to pay for every day expenses with money from your part time job. 

So: I went crazy.  I bought cereal, AND yogurt.  I got fresh apples.  I bought supplies to make my own trail mix so I can stop sneaking it out of the vending machines at rehearsals. I bought FLOSS, for heaven’s sake! And finally, I debated for awhile and got some beautiful new green bowls, that are made of porcelain.  I think I must be growing up.

Basically, this post is just a reminder that it truly is the little things in life that make me the most happy.  Being able to get all the foodstuffs I could want from Target (and please note that I avoided all junk food and candy! Sweet success!) made me the happiest girl.  Parents are a very beautiful thing.

A little postscript: Today I will be participating in the housing draft at school, where basically everyone lines up to pick a draft number, and then gets to choose their room in the order that we drew.  It’s very Hunger Games-esq, and I am not exactly pumped.  Pray for me, y’all.  If I don’t get my single apartment, heads might roll. Or, more likely, I shall sit in the corner with my blanket and cry while eating dark chocolate.


2 thoughts on “The Joys of Target

    • I’m going back later this month for some black leggings and a work out shirt. I fully expect to emerge with seven shirts, lipstick, and some designer throw pillows. That store kills me.

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