Falling Off the Wagon…Fitness and Nutrition

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I have not had exactly exemplary eating behavior in the past three weeks.  Leading up to spring break, I worked out six days a week, ate healthy, didn’t splurge horribly, and basically led my best fitness lifestyle.  I felt amazing, and looked pretty good (ahem, ahem). I even rewarded myself with a new spring break bikini (adorable–neon coral bottoms with fringe and a navy bandeau with tribal designs.  Much better reward than a Frappucino or brownie). 

And then…came Spring Break.  Think no breakfasts with huge lunches and dinners, tons and tons of delicious white breads (sourdough is my kryptonite), and oodles of sweet treats.  I had bread and cheese for two (two!) meals, coupled with dark chocolate and mimosas. And at Disneyland? Well, I think you can just imagine the frantic sugar highs that ensued.

And here’s a little secret–I didn’t feel all that bad.  Yes, there were a couple meals where I wish I wouldn’t have overindulged.  But overall, I was happy.  I ate what I wanted to eat, focused on trying to not eat to much and picking the treats I wanted to enjoy carefully, and overall just loving the feeling of eating amazing food with an amazing guy.

Mickey Apple

But then I came home.  And that overindulgence was still stuck in my body…and just wouldn’t leave.  I tried my best to get back in the workout zone, but I went three days without doing more than some crunches and jumping jacks.  I wanted to eat healthy, but then it was Easter, and I couldn’t resist the siren call of Deviled eggs and Cadbury treats.

Basically, I was letting my one week of indulgence take over my life. And it wasn’t feeling healthy any more.  I felt sluggish, bloated, and basically unhappy and exhausted.

I have found my fitness/nutrition happy medium, and my issues only come when I stray from it.  Basically, if I stick with my Rules (I’ll post those tomorrow!), I can feel free to indulge a tiny bit every day, and even a lot every once in awhile–hello, weekend frozen yogurt.  But going too far one way or the other makes me feel terrible. If all I do is work out and eat perfectly, I feel deprived. If I pig out and veg instead of running, I feel sleepy and gross.

I am officially back on my Fitness and Health wagon, with occasional forays into sweets and naps instead of work outs.  And that is just the way I like it.

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