Wednesday Blues


…and reds and pinks and yellows and greens.  I’m currently sitting at my desk and wondering why in the world I have not yet invested in a pair of rain boots.  Weather here is absolutely insane.  It can be gorgeous and sunny and in the ’80s on Saturday, and by Tuesday the high is 40 degrees, it’s pouring freezing rain, and your Uggs are soaked through.  Currently, it is a balmy 35 degrees, the rain is roaring and the winds are whipping down the plain. Glorious.

Not that I’m speaking from personal experience or anything.

I might have to take the plunge this weekend and just go buy some at Target.  Or, mayhaps, an anonymous wealthy family member will donate a pair of those gorgeous Hunter wellies to my cause?

One can only dream.

This is a very. Long. Week. Or, as I shall begin labeling them, VLWs.  Because I seem to be in the middle of an unending series of them.  Basically, I wake up at 8:30, go to class till around 5, get dinner quickly, rehearse from 6:30 til 10:30, do some more homework till midnight or 1, and then collapse into bed. The plus side of this is that I get to sleep VERY easily.  Exhaustion will do that for you.

I am still keeping my positive attitude. That is the only way to live with this kind of schedule.  For example, I began writing this post while treating myself to the final bit of Easter candy I had allowed myself: a Cadbury caramel egg.  I don’t know if you’ve had those things before, but may I just say? They are otherworldly.  I usually have the willpower to eat a little bit of whatever candy I have, then give the rest away or throw it out.  But not this egg. Not this one.

It was delicious. I regret nothing.

Have I mentioned it’s also very hard to find time to work out during these Very Long Weeks?


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