Five Things…

This has nothing to do with Easter weekend.  But I just love my joy at holding a chameleon.  I think playing Rapunzel is in my future somewhere.

This is a bit of a crazy weekend, and I have a feeling it’s going to be the kind where I have a huge to do list and don’t check off quite as much as I should.  Being on the internet currently probably does not help my to do list much, but sometimes you just need to take a break and treat yourself to a little R and R.  My spring break was many things (wonderful, ecstatic, romantic, joyful, insane) but it was not restful. 

1. Watching Anna Karenina with the girls.

Oh, this movie.  I hadn’t seen it since winter break, and it is literally the theatre lover’s dream.  Liz was freaking out the entire time, she was so inspired.  It’s a beautifully shot movie, above all else, but the costumes are delicious, the concept is new and doesn’t grow old too fast, and the writing is sometimes hilarious, if a bit austere (it’s Tom Stoppard, after all).  I adore it.  Might be on my “to buy soon” list.

2. Sweets for the sweets

Today (Saturday) seems to be a day for catching up.  I’m getting cupcakes (or maybe a cookie.  Or frozen hot chocolate.  It all sounds so good!) with my sorority big and twin.  We haven’t been able to chill in forever–having rehearsal from 6:30-10:30 every week night really cuts down on your hangout time, it turns out.  Later this evening, a lovely group of my sophomore BFA ladies and I are going to get dinner and fro yo.

Ha. I wish I put that much fruit on there. Usually it’s gummy bears with a couple of raspberries to save face.

Have I mentioned my love for Orange Leaf fro yo? I’d be remiss to let it go without a mention, because we share a deep and affectionate understanding that is yet to be matched in life.  Sorry, Boyfriend.

For the record, my fave flavours?

-If feeling fruity: orange fro yo with gummy bears and a little fruit. Unless they have cotton candy.  Then I am eating that for days. I would sell my complete Shakespeare for some cotton candy fro yo right now

-If feeling sweet: wedding cake with either peanut butter or coffee fro yo, with chocolate chips and occasionally Heath bar.

3. Step right up and pick.

I have to figure out what monologues I’m doing for Sophomore Juries, which is the capstone of our first two years at school.  We perform monologues for four minutes, and then the faculty meets with us and tells us what we should be working on, how we’ve progressed, etc.  Scary stuff.

I need to pick all three of my pieces this weekend, so I have enough time to get them memorized and worked out. Also scary.

I don’t mind performing monologues, but choosing them SUCKS.

4. Memorize, memorize, memorize.

Here is what has to be memorized (or at least begun to be memorized) this weekend:

-three monologues for juries and an upcoming audition

-All of my lines for Emotional Creature (and there are a lot, in random group pieces, so that one is going to be fun.)

-Two very short scenes for Directing class

-A monologue for Chekhov class.

I feel like I’m going to have multiple personality disorder after all that.

5. Easter Sunday!

I love Easter.  It’s a day of celebration and of joy, so the holiday basically has my name written all over it.  It’s tied with Christmas Eve as my favorite church service of the year, and I’m so excited that I get to go with my dad and stepmom.  It’s odd being away from home for  the somewhat smaller holidays.  A lot of my friends have nothing planned for tomorrow, but I couldn’t imagine not going to church and getting brunch to celebrate. 

Afterwards, I’ll be making deviled eggs and sharing our recipe on here.  I am OBSESSED with deviled eggs.  The Boyfriend (aka Navy Boy) was here last year, and looked on in awe as I ate almost a whole tray of those bad boys.  Forget ham and scalloped potatoes and all the other Easter staples.  Give me a tray of the eggs and some mimosas and I am set for life.

Hope you all have a blessed and busy Easter weekend as well!



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