Why I Love Weddings


I have no plans to get married any time soon. Like, we are talking at least a four years out to engagement life plan, here.  And though I know this, and do that awkward crazy laugh when anyone mentions my marriage (my voice teacher mentioned she thought I might come back from spring break with a ring, and I think my hilarity might have freaked her out a bit), I am obsessed with weddings.

I confess it.

And not just my future dream wedding (though my Pinterest wedding board is glorious).  But every wedding, every where.  I watch TLC’s Bride Days like it’s my job, whenever I have time.  During my daily 30 minute jog, I watch Say Yes to the Dress.  I collect wedding magazines (I’m currently into Brides of Oklahoma and Brides of North Texas…those editors do incredible work!), and I follow wedding blogs.  It’s becoming a bit of a thing.


I started thinking about why I love them so much when my brother came to visit last week, and saw a couple of the magazines sitting in our living room.  He was super quiet during dinner, and when I mentioned how excited I was to go visit the Boyfriend (aka Navy Boy) over break, he turned about fifteen shades of purple and said, “You are NOT getting married right now.” To which I replied, utterly perplexed, “Well…duh?”

I am not at the right point in my life for the idea of my own marriage to be at the forefront of my mind.  But I do know what it is like to love someone with every single fiber of your heart, to look at them like they hung the moon, and to be treated like a princess. It’s one of the reasons we were put on this earth, I think. And while I love feeling it for myself, seeing that love on other couples’ faces, the simple little ways they sacrifice and lift each other up, makes me remember how incredibly blessed we all are.


That’s why I love weddings.  Not the huge, over the top, let’s-pay-$100,000-so-we-can-party-with-people-we-don’t-know types.  I love the simple and sweet, the ones that are about celebrating a relationship with the friends and family who have supported it all along.  After I disappointed my teacher by telling her I was not, in fact, engaged, and had no plans of becoming so any time soon, she surprised me with some wonderful and sage advice, something I hadn’t really thought about a lot before.

“Marriage doesn’t change anything,” she said. “The foundation of the relationship is there.  You’ve already been ‘married’ to each other for months or years before the actual wedding.  Once you commit your life to someone, you’re there.  The wedding is just the celebration for everyone, the cherry on top.”


I’m carrying that in my heart now.  What a beautiful way to think of it!  You’re basically already there, so why be stressed? No matter what else I do with my life, I hope to spend some of my time working with weddings.  I want to write for a bridal magazine and help capture the beauty of real couple’s special day with the reflection of their entire relationship.  Or maybe even plan! Weddings will always be my happy place.

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