Look at that handsome couple.

The only bad part of breaks is, of course, when they end.  I have been wishing there was a rewind button on life for the past few days, because my spring break was absolutely perfect.  I had adventures, relaxed a tiny bit, played, laughed, ate amazing food and didn’t care about the calories in it, and just generally lived the life I want to live all the time. And the best part of all? I did it all with my best friend in the entire world, who also happens to be the love of my life.  Sorry for the sappiness, but I think The Boyfriend (aka Navy Boy) deserves a moment here.

I haven’t written for a little while, and that was making me upset.  But honestly, sometimes you have to pause in the chronicling of life to just get out there and live it.  I had that realization while we were watching World of Color, this fantastic water light show at Disneyland (yes, we went to Disneyland. I was in heaven, obviously). 

I was loving every minute.  The show was breathtaking. But this woman in front of me was holding up her camera and recording the entire show.  She never put it down.  So while she could have been watching this insanely huge, awe-inspiring performance, she was more intense on focusing through a little screen, adjusting the brightness and levels.  I mean, I guess on the one hand she’ll be able to look at it on the small screen for years to come.  But on the other, isn’t there something to be said for just experiencing something and keeping it locked in your memory?

I’ve been writing everything from the week down in my journal, and I find it like snapshots in my head: where we did, the jokes The Boyfriend made, the way he made me laugh and go on rides that terrified me (Ferris Wheels.  They’re not for the faint of heart).  I keep the feeling of it stored up in my heart.  I don’t need a picture or a video to tell me how much fun I had. 

There’s my little rambling post of the day.  Tune in this week for more about my trip, as I get back to my regular insanely busy BFA self.

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