All the News That’s Fit to Print


Twin brother and I last year…ah, those salad days, where have they gone?

Haven’t posted in a week…sorry I fell off the face of the earth! This is that insane time known as midterms week here in BFA land, and though I thought I didn’t have too much to do, I was woefully mistaken.  I’ve been running around every day like a crazy person, trying to cram about 27 hours of things to do into 24.

We began rehearsals for Emotional Creature on Monday night, and I can already tell that’s going to be one heck of a journey.  I’ll post about that a little later. These rehearsals are wonderful, but they are also each four hours of constant work, because the play is so ensemble intensive.  So I do class, work, and catch up on homework all day, rehearse from 630 till 1030, go home and do more homework or chores, and collapse into bed, a weary mess, at 1ish.  And then get up and do it all over again. Yikes. 

But it is all worth it. Because after tomorrow, I will be flying, nay, dare I say it, soaring out to California to spend a blissful week with The Boyfriend (aka Navy Boy). I promise I will not get to sappy lovey dovey romantic on y’all, but being apart from him is like missing a little piece of me. Not enough to be hurt, just enough to be annoying. He’s my best friend, and I cannot wait to be our ridiculous dorky hilarious sweet selves together again.

Okay. Lovey dovey stuff done.

I also got to spend a bit of time the last few days with my twin brother, who’s currently attending a military academy.  Bubby came out to visit my dad, and I was able to fit in a little time with him, despite my insane schedule.  We have so much fun together, even while everyone else is thinking that we are insane (we might be. Just a little).  Last night he came to my dorm after rehearsal and we ate a bunch of pizza, watched Pitch Perfect, and annoyed each other to no end.

That’s how twins work, you know.

I miss him very much–it’s odd being seperated from someone who you’ve spent 20 years doing literally everything with–but I’m so proud of his service to our country.  (Can we just talk about the fact that I somehow ended up with the two most important guys in my life in the military? Who would have thought that would happen? Not me, that’s for darn sure.  Support our troops, guys, even if you don’t support the wars/government/establishment.  Remember they’re someone’s brother/boyfriend/father/girlfriend/sister/mother, etc.)

Finally, I wanted to let you know the exciting news that I got today: I was called back for the part of Cosette, in response to that video audition I sent in! That part has been a dream role ever since I discovered how much I love singing high, and I could not be more excited to be singing for it.  The thought of being in the show that got me into musical theatre is just so beautiful and affirming…here’s hoping it goes well! No matter what happens, I’m so excited to have the opportunity to sing for it, and do what I love.  That’s what you have to live for in this business.


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