Shake and Shop It Out


This has been a stressful week.  I heard someone say the other day, “Stop looking for a ‘normal’ day.  There’s no such thing. Get used to the craziness of the world and appreciate, but don’t expect, your moments of stillness.” Or something along those lines.  Whatever the direct quote, I think this is advice I need to start taking. I get so stressed out (the butterflies in my stomach just don’t know when to quit) that it affects my daily happiness, and that is silly.  Silly, silly. So I’m going to stop expecting for things to be easy, and learn to just roll with it.

That being said, Liz and I both need an evening to not worry about life in general. So we are going shopping.

I do shopping a little differently than most college girls, I think.  I have gotten myself on a very strict budget, so spending any money–any at all–is like physically painful.  Effective money management strategy, but not exactly a good thing.

So I do this little dance when I go shopping. It’s called the “Pick It Up and Put It Down,” and goes a little something like this: 

1. Find something I love. Try it on. It’s gorgeous. Gotta have it.

2. Put it in the cart/lock it into my greedy little hands.

3. Walk about the store. Continue to shop.

4. Begin to rethink my item. Do I really need this? Will it make me happy?  Could I spend the money on something else? Is yellow really my color, on an emotional level?

5. Hesitate in the netherworld for a couple of unbearable minutes, trying to decide.

6. Put the item back.

7. Find new item.

8. Rinse and repeat.

And so on.  This drives the people I shop with crazy.  Sorry, guys.  I just like to save up for something special! Like…groceries…sigh. Poor college student problems.

But today, I actually have to buy things.  I am getting travel size doodads for my trip to California (nine days till Spring Break. Nine. Days. Let me live till then.) so I can prepack my suitcase and make sure I can, indeed, fit everything I need into that little guy. Good stuff.  I am also going to get a new bikini (gasp!) because a) I am rewarding myself for working out and eating healthy consistently for the past three months and b) I lost my bikini bottoms.  They disappeared into a laundry room of no return some point between the summer and fall.

I am half excited/half nervous about spending the money, but sometimes, you just gotta treat yo self. And it’s happening tonight.

If I can make it past putting down everything I see.

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