Acting Audition Looks

Acting Audition Looks


Here is the as-promised update to my “audition looks” ideas…I only wish I had these clothes! But this is the general outline of what I would wear to an acting audition: nice dark wash jeans or skinny slacks, a sweet top, and, depending on the formality of the institution I was auditioning for, I might add a blazer to show less skin.  Top that off with some sparkling jewelry, and you’re good to go! A final note about shoes: ALWAYS, ALWAYS wear flats to an acting audition! Please.  I have been asked to take off my heels twice in my life, and it creates this horrible awkward pause where you shimmy around to get the damn shoes off, and the casting team looks at you wondering if this is going to be worth it.
You want to avoid that moment. Trust me. The exception to this rule is if you have heeled boots or booties that sit at 2″ or below, or a sandal or shoe with a little bit of a heel–I would say no more than an 1 1/2″.  The main thing is comfort.  I feel sturdy and like I can take on the world in my heeled boots.  Kitten heels? Not so much.

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