Spring Has Sprung! and housing update


This was the view from last night. Gorgeous, no?  The weather these past two days has been stunningly balmy, and I am a huge fan.  The only downside? The sunshine, high(ish) temperatures, and budding plants makes me want to skip all my classes and play outside all day, only coming in to drift off for a nap.  In a BFA program, it’s basically not okay to skip class unless you have a hacked off limb/are dying, so no chill day for me.

But I am not upset about it.  For after class gets out today, I am going run for a brief stint in the practice rooms to get my audition pieces up to snuff.  And then I am going to:

1. Go for a walk/jog/run outside, because how could I not?

2. Prep for my massage with a little reading and relaxing.

3. Get said massage.

4. Go home and shower and luxuriate in the relaxation.

5. Go to Target/Walmart and get supplies to make it through midterms and some travel size fun stuff for spring break!

I think it’s good that the little things in life make me all-consumingly joyful.  This massage, for example.  I’ve been waiting a solid nine months for it.  A massage was the number one item on my birthday, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day lists, and through no fault of their own, the various loved ones in my life did not make it happen.  So I decided during Caesar tech week that I was going to do something nice for myself and splurge a little.  

I am so happy. So, so, so happy.

Another update: if you saw my post re: college housing, you might have wondered what the 


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