Social Media Savvy

An example of what I do when I’m not on social media.  I’m active and fun, I promise!

Oh man. I fear that I have been sucked into that Millenials whirlpool known as “social media sites.” I said it would never happen to me.  I said that people were obsessive and I had better things to do with my time.

Dear readers, I thought wrong.

The thing about social media is that once you visit one site, you have to visit them all.  At first, it was simply Facebook, which was the “cool new thing” freshman year of high school (God, how time flies, right?).  Then it was twitter, which I used to laugh at but now update on a pretty regular basis.  Then I got a Pinterest, which is the love of my life.  A place where I can collect recipes for buttery desserts and work out tips to burn them off, all in one place? You had me at “dessert.”  And then blogging, because as an apsiring author, there’s nothing better for you than writing something every day. Then I found Blogloving, where you can corral all the  blogs and read them in a way that doesn’t make you feel you’re wasting your life reading blogs. And Wanelo. And Tumblr.  And Rue La La. (If you’ve never been to these sites before, I’d encourage you to check them out.  At your own risk, needless to say). 

I’ve never really understood why college kids my age spend hours upon hours looking at these sites.  But I think I’ve caught the bug, at least in a minor form.  It allows you to get outside yourself for awhile, and dream the life you’d love to be living if you weren’t, oh, pursuing an amazing but expensive acting degree in middle America.  I’m speaking for a friend, of course.

After making this realization, I’ve made a pledge to myself. I am not going to be content simply with Pinning and Tweeting and Tumblring these amazing things.  Can I travel to those incredible mountain ski lodges in Switzerland right now? No.  But the future can contain anything I want it to.  I can put a porch swing on my future house.  If I stop buying lattes for a few years, I could save up and actually get a Tory Burch purse.  All of these are examples, but they prove one of my favorite new mottos: If you want it and work for it, you’ll get it. 

But…don’t be so busy on these sites that you’re not living your life. Prior to writing this, I spent three hours outside, reading plays and going for a jog.  Neither was more fulfilling, but I know I need both to live a balanced life.


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