Spring Musical Auditions

Spring Musical Auditions
Ah, it’s that time of year again. Spring means auditioning in BFA land, as we all struggle to find summer work  that is theatrically fulfilling and pays (a lot of the time, it seems like you have to pick one of those options).  I’m auditioning for a lot of stuff, on both ends of the spectrum, and seeing what happens.  Auditioning is success in itself–it means you’re getting yourself out there!  Tonight I have my first music theatre audition, and I’m a fan of dressing it up: cute dress, solid nude heels, some statement jewelry, and you’ve got yourself a look.  NOTE: this is NOT what I would wear to a theatre audition. Ever. In a million years.  I’ll post about the differences later!
Woof. Deep breath.  Wish me break legs!

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