Hail, Caesar!


And thus we bid farewell to another show.  Going to college for theatre is strange.  Even stranger than high school.  There is a constant ebb and flow to life here: audition, get cast, do a show, audition for more shows, get cast, first show closes, on to the next…and so on. Never a dull moment.

My parting thoughts on Caesar: I will certainly never do this show, quite this way, ever again.  At first, everyone was a bit confused about the concept would work (“All women? All tribal women? Whaaaa–?”), but work it did. We were left with a show full of exhilarating combat, an amazing concept, that featured women far outside their sometimes cloistered roles in Shakespeare plays.  I’ll look back on it with some fond memories, lots of stress, and a healthy dose of appreciation for doing something brand new.

My favorite moments in this show:

-Dancing down the stairs in our thrust theatre at the beginning.  We all wore Maenad masks (covering half the face), and danced to Purity Ring’s “The Cartographist” while chasing a deer…and then tearing it to shreds.  Terrifying. Terrifyingly awesome.  The hush that that dance put over the theatre will live in my head for a long time.

-Working with Liz.  Having a best friend in a show with you is awesome.  Being in a cohesive ensemble together? Even better.  Liz and I created huge character arcs for our moments as “random crowd persons numbers 3 and 4,” deciding exactly what we were doing and why.  That’s the only way to do an ensemble scene, in my opinion.



Our production of Caesar.  Credits to OCU Theatre.

I am a fight choreography queen.   I absolutely love it.  In fact, I want to pursue it in my future, and possibly get a certificate to choreograph fights.  The precision it requires is incredible, and you have to have the perfect physicality for the moves…it’s like a different form of working out! Obsessed.  

This show has been my life for the past month and a half, and I can’t quiet wrap my head around the fact that it’s done. But now…on to the next!  Emotional Creature rehearsals start next week.  Never a dull moment, I tell you.



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