Five Things…Chill Edition

Thus week has been insanity.  I finished and turned in 70 pages of paperwork on one character and one play (Uncle Vanya), had tech week and opened Caesar last night (it was amazing! Such a good audience, and a very good flow and pacing of the show.  Only downside–we missed free movie night.  Again. Le sigh).  And now I’m looking forward to  a weekend of three more shows, an audition Sunday morning, and studying for a math test. Woo.

In there somewhere, I am going to fit a lot of relaxation and down time, because my body is currently hating me.  I am sore all over, I have huge bruises down my arms and legs from all the stage combat in the show (I get stabbed in the stomach and fall down, which, coupled with my proclivity to bruise like a banana, does not the happiest body make), and this morning I woke up almost unable to talk. Joy.

So, here are five relaxing, me-time things I’m planning on getting done.

1. Bubble Baths.



It literally cannot get any better than a bubble bath with this stuff.  There’s nothing like coming home from a show and showering off all the makeup and hairspray before slipping into a bath. Sigh.

2. Freebirds!

We got this new burrito place a little while ago, and I’ve heard rave reviews.  So I am going with Liz after strike on Sunday and stuffing my face. Healthy? No. Delicious? Yes.

3. Vegging with a magazine.

I adore magazines.  I would love to write for one someday! There’s just something about the glossy pages that gets me every time.  My mom sent me about four in my Valentine’s package, and I might just demolish them all this weekend.

4. Coffee.

There is nothing like sleeping in late on the weekends and waking up to a fabulous cup of coffee.  I finally figured out how to get it for cheap with my Keurig (buy one of the little multiple use filter things and a HUGE vat of black roast Folgers, and go crazy!)


I am not the kind of person who can subsist on six hours of sleep every night for a week.  Especially at the rate we are continually moving at this school, sleep has become sacred to me.  Naturally, since this week is insane, I haven’t been getting a lot…and I think that’s a major reason my body is rebelling.  So this weekend, I am sleeping in. I am taking naps.  And I am making the most of the time I spend in my cosy, awesome bed.  

Can’t wait.  

I’ll post more about Caesar soon…like pictures!


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